How do you best tidy up a toddler’s room?

Christa N.
Crates!! Hands down the best tool. They learn to sort and put their own toys away. If there is little room than under bed storage containers work phenomenal.

Andrea W.
Make sure you have plenty of storage space (I use plastic boxes under beds and storage ottamans) and group similar toys. In my house everything has its place even my kids toys and she learns where everything is kept. Kids love to help.

Cadence J.
Have them help put toys away. The have them help make the bed and pick up drawings and anything Else that might be on the floor

Victor N.
Have a place for everything. Use bins and cubbies at the child's height and label them so they can participate. Make it a game: do it to the clean up song, or find 10 things a certain color, or race to see who can pick up the most. Don't keep a lot of toys in the room.