How do you put your mind into finishing a task?

Malthe N.
I think positive, organize my space put some music and just start working. Every time I feel like giving up, I I remind myself why I’m doing it and how it could be better for me in the future.

Olivia C.
I personally take a while to finish a tesk or start one but when i mange to start one i do the best i can to try to complete it till the end.

Arden N.
I usually have to feel motivated, either by a deadline or I'm doing as a result of procrastinating something else or it stresses me out. Lately I've been doing things /cores because I'm bored and it gets them out of the way

Elissa N.
i just focus on what i want to do then i put my favourite playlist on and grind it out eventually i am thanking myself for doing it

Dhairya C.
I usually make my mindset like this that I won't did the chore, I would not be happy in life. I know it's kinda unique but interesting and challenging also

Bryan P.
Don't over think it. Take my room for example, that really needs a clean and I know the whole thing is going to take a while but I just start with something small. Those 2 glasses on the desk, pick them up and take them out to the kitchen. That bit of rubbish next ro them too! Well, might as well just bin all the rubbish on the desk while your at it. And I suppose that the clothes pile doesn't live there either. Before you know it the whole desk area is clean and that's one section completed. Start small to work big. (A bit of music helps too!)

Vibhanshu T.
The tasks that I set to complete each day are the ones that I love. These are the things that I know will help me build a daily routine that is essential in becoming the person I aspire to be in the future. Having set such goals, it is easier to achieve them every day.

Rachel N.
Typically I like to do something that prepares me to face what I have to do, something that gets me motivated to get things done. This thing is different for everyone, but I personally like to listen to music or play some video games, then go ahead and start working on what I need to do. Make sure everything is laid out and ready so you don’t have an excuse to go get up and that way, you have less of a chance of being distracted or procrastinating. Hope this helped! You got this 🥳

Osmano P.
Be Selective. …
Plan What Needs To Be Done. …
Make The Time. …
Commit. …
Set a Deadline. …
It Doesn't Need To Be Perfect. …
Have The End Goal In Mind. …
Track Your Progress.
Get Help If You’re Stuck
Treat Yo Self

Susanna J.
Well, it is simple all you do is commit to it and then after a couple of days it becames easy later on because you are used to it and if you want something bad enough you will do it.

Jeffery S.
I like to break down the task into minitasks and make a list where i can see the progress and crosa the stuff i ve done. Music through my headphones helps me focus

Daja C.
I wake up motivated to get my day started some days I don't feel like it but when I open my curtains I know the day is going to be great

Sabrina S.
More focues and get away any thing that will distrbute my focuesing and feel like your are doing a workout but not for your body its for your brain and mind 🙂

De Anna W.
If u really put ur mind to it like if a task is drinking water sit a water bottle by ur bed side or wherever u want but when u wake up do check ur phone the app might even remind u that’s was I do but u can do it either way it doesn’t matter but those are the two ways I do it

Mandal F.
To finish a task I always take it as a misson for my day it will help me to complete my task easily and make me happier and motivated for my next task everyday I take another habit to make myself busy

Clara E.
We always seek motivation from others,when its within you ,you have motivate yourself to things for YOU ….so like that I gather myself up and start completing my work for myself …

Annette X.
List it, works ok, breaking it down and set realistic goals, with a buffer to move part of it, or finish the last of it on the next day, works best for me.

Make it an reward for doing the thing. Do it right in the an

Jessica N.
I want to be best of my self by being well organized and keep chaos out of my way so i feel better and have a good vibe around me to keep going also i wanna have a healthy balanced life so i keep that as my motivation and I take some successful people around the world and their daily good habbits as my inspiration which will help my future journey

Tina F.
if I understood the question correctly, I just think about how I'll feel complete after doing a task, especially after doing homework

Jonathan F.
there is a very specific method I use called the Pomodoro method. no most people have heard of this as a studying method but I use it and everything that I do whether it’s cleaning a room or organizing a space yeah my favorite times are a either 25/5 or 50/10. We’re basically you either work for 25 minutes or 50 minutes and then you take a five or 10 minute break depending on which of those increments you use

Emily C.
First, i put my headphones and play my playlist , i sit in front of a window, i open the blinds and the window to get fresh air, i put my phone in a different room, and i start a task, if it's a long task, I'll give myself a 5-10 mins break every 25-30 mins, i drink a cup of tea and just relax as i do that.

Vaibhav I.
I think i have to finish it by today no matter what, better do the tedious and boring work before and then enjoy the good part later.

Gina N.
I like to prep my environment for as little distraction as possible, do a bit of mindfulness to clear my head and just start, that usually helps most of the time.

Solano Y.
I don't think about it.
I tend to do poorly if I start thinking about it since I over think things and I end up not doing it because I think I'm going to fail.
But if I just do it and not pay attention to it it's easier for me.
Obviously it's not working because if not I wouldn't be needing an app to remind me to drink water 🥴.
Ether way I heard it's better of you conscientiously do what you want. That just doesn't work for me

Livia Q.
I wanted before using the app to change my lifestyle and after finding this app my life become more great. Thanks fabulous

Angel N.
I feel really really relaxed productive and great
That small sound or the lady speaking some motivating words makes me more than motivated to complete that task
Also they are so colourfull
And then after completing I feel very happy as my main tasks of the day is completed

Mallory T.
For me, to finish a task I have to have an alarm or some sort of goal. If I just think about it I find that I just end up procrastinating until I don't have time to finish. I'm still working on this right now, but I think that writing out my goals for the day or having some sort of checklist will help me at.

Jonas N.
I usually just do it and try to stop forcing myself to do more than i can, wake up, work and loved ones have been my priority. Its always best to plan ahead and figure out the important things

Zulmira O.
By making notes and reminders to do it… I have zero time most of the time so its hard to fulfill all my goals, I find taking baby steps is the best way so that I don't put to much pressure on myself. It's hard to have patience to do this but I know in the long run I will benefit this

Re O.
I feel accomplished I feel like this would be a milestone that I can go ahead and show my daughter that she can put her effort into anything she feels she has a passion for him and see it all the way through and complete it and complete it nothing's impossible if she puts it enough time and effort to do so.

Hannah W.
I think about how doing the task will benefit me and i tell myself that i would rather do it now than later because it will be done sooner if i start sooner

Jennifer Q.
I first figure out what I want or need to do for my task. Then I figure out how to best tackle or approach the task before starting it. Then I break it down into smaller, more manageable tasks and complete them as I can.

Mandy J.
I just imagine the results of what will happen once I am done. Usually when I think about it i ether feel happy or relieved which motivates me to finish what ever I was doing

Tessa Z.
I have a hard time focusing and easily get overwhelmed, so scheduling my time out and breaking the task into smaller, more manageable chunks is always a mandatory first step. This includes establishing a time I will do the task – the more specific, the better. It also helps to ask the people around me to hold me accountable.

Aanya F.
To keep your mind in a task go near a mirror and say " i can do it and i will do it " and the second thing don't get distracted, third thing focus on the work you are doing and question yourself why you are doing it. Follow these 3 things and u can do anything u wish to do

Stacy G.
Om te weet dat as ek nie dit nou doen nie. Gaan dit nooit gedoen word nie en ek sal nooit verder my goals bereik nie. Alles moet iewers begin van die begin af. Jy moet net daai eerste stap vat

Joanne J.
I don’t know. I tell my friend and family that I am doing it and they help me. They tell me did you do this, did you finish that, and other stuff to keep me reminded to keep going.

Jennifer T.
I believe that each task I complete brings me closer to being the person I want to become and the good habits I want to create

Aymeric E.
I will focus on the task and i will plan about that task i will forget wht is going on in my surrounding and focus on the work

Nathan Z.
There is no such "put my mind into".
I think if you can get yourself to start something whatever it might be,tge fear of losing the progress is more than enough.
Our mind doesn't control us we do. So we need to have a better understanding of the brain to work with it better.
Our brain works best in Fight or Flight situations,if you let it rest it will never work. The best thing you can do is punsih yourself with the help of somebody, give your friend,mother,sibling or anyone something you love (eg- necklace),or an embarrassing picture. Tell them to take the necklace forever if you don't complete the task or tell them to release the embarrassing picture to everyone on whatsapp, instagram,youtube etc.
And if you complete the task you get something, maybe a new phone. Something even better is to be able to release their embarrassing pictures.
Male the process easy.Don't take to many challenges or tasks at the same time. Start with 2-4 . Don't make your brain think that you are forcing it anything, make the process easy and fun.

Stefanie S.
I put my mind into finishing a task by telling myself it needs to be done, and I actually get it done without hesitation!

Daniel O.
I proceed with having no high expectations, or non if posible. And if the task requires expectations, or standards that have to be accomplished, I try to be realistic, if I know I can met those I proceed with expectations. Because I know I can do it. But if I’m not sure about it, I don’t let fear stop me. I just go on with the task and no expectations. After all we are all learning everyday. And I like to tell myself if I mess up, it’s ojay, I’m learning.

L Rke Y.
Just focus on 1 thing at a time and believe in your self push your self to finish your task the feeling of achieving your goal(s) is amazing

Lola Z.
I just give myself a time limit for eg. I have to do this task by tonight or by 4 pm no matter how u start ur progress make sure to finish by the time limit you've given to urself

Reginald U.
I always think that if I don't do it, I'll get used to not doing it wich is bad, my mind starts thinking that it's okay to skip even though it's not. Afterall, it's not the hardest thing in the world and it defenetly is worth it.

Cipriano F.
There are many ways, but one thing is keeping your mind on the finish line. Keep working and think of the results and what you’ll get after you achieve your goal. Like a healthy body, clean house or any goal that you want to achieve. Focus on the finish line, not the obstacles.

Strassa A.
Organize the tools that you need in advance. Creating task lists and actually crossing off the completed tasks gives me motivation to do more. Music is always a must. It helps drown out distractions and keeps you focused

Alberte E.
I just think about who I can become, and that helps to finish given task, because I know that they are gonna help me become better.

Marta N.
Start by visualization, believe it's been already done, imagine success, feel good about this success, energise and off you go!

Karen U.
First I write it in my bullet journal. Then each time I open my journal the task is there, it can’t get forgotten. Then each time I see it I think how good it feels to complete a task and tick it off. I try to look forward to the task. When I start it I try to just keep going till I finish. If it is a task that will require more than one day then I schedule it forward in my bullet journal to remind me. I record my progress so I don’t cover old ground and I keep going till it is complete. I don’t beat myself up for not completing I remember that each small step counts.

Alice Z.
I remind myself of the reason I'm doing it. If doing laundry is really hard, I remind myself that it'll be really nice to have that corner of my room clean.

Liliana Z.
I just try too feel the vibe of doing something or i just try too calm down emotions with ehat i do . I try too think positive a little.

Timmothy O.
Be selective,plan what needs to be done ,make the time, commit,set a deadline,it doesn't need to be perfect ,have the end goal in mind ,track your progress,get help if you stuck and treat your self.

Jeong F.
I push myself to finish a task as i want to become the best vertions of myself that i can be proud of someday when I look back at my past💜💜

Emma F.
I divide the tasks into sub tasks, and put some music on to focus. In between subtasks, I set a timer and TAKE A BREAK. If the task is something I really hate, I will set a timer and do it in 10 minute intervals.

Lilmisskaylie Z.
I think of how happy the end result may make me. If it's cleaning something I know I can appreciate a clean space and no longer have to stress about it. Same with homework. Take breaks as needed

Kimberly R.
I write it down. I set a due date. I try to estimate how long it will take. I gather everything I need before I start. I remove all distractions.

Walli X.
Me personally, I just tell myself everyday is a new to finish a task. You may forget a task or just have a bad day. But I remind myself tomorrow Is a new start. If I feel unmotivated during a task I just remind myself there’s a better me waiting ahead.

Gloria B.
I break it down into steps, making a check list as I go through. That makes it that I'm working with micro goals throughout the task. I'll sometimes time myself as that motivates me too. For me it's all about the reward system being activated during tasks. Envisioning the end goal and how I will feel once its complete helps too.

Cassiey F.
I let myself know that there will be a reward in the end. If I get all my work done now I will have more time to relax and become me again. I also won’t need to be worried about getting in trouble for something I said I did when I didn’t do it.

Diovanda W.
I find relatively easy tasks can be scheduled and therefore having a deadline can help the mind feel a need to get the task done. On a larger scale the task may seem overwhelming so I recommend to break it up into smaller tasks and either give it a deadline with importance or use what helps you get motivated. Give the task value.

Susmitha F.
I have set a time limit to achieve the task. So if you give me the task that needs to be achieved in two days, i set an alarm of 24 hours to achieve it. I would like to compete with time

Kiara A.
I analyze, prioritize, and reward myself upon/prior to completion of the task(s). I imagine how it would feel and what it would look like to have it completed and I also write about it and make a to-do list. I don't always get all of it done, but calendars and reminders help, as well. Having a structured schedule for tasks helps, and so do the prompts from Fabulous! I remind myself to avoid the temptation to get sidetracked with mini side-tasks, as it deters me from completing the task that takes precedence.

Dolores Z.
Everytime I think about it i know i need to start working on my body because I got bullied in school because of it and I want to change it

Aiden P.
Cause after downloading this app it seems a lot of changes for drinking water . I put my mind because now days I also feel thirsty .
I love it and other hand my family members are also there.

Krista X.
Sometimes I feel happy and great to complete task and do it in a organised way but sometimes I feel unmotivated to complete my work

Janet C.
I usually put my mind into finishing a task by letting other people know to not disturb me. I will also watch motivational videos on the internet (Or sometimes read my journal) whenever I don't have any motivation to do things. If those methods won't work for me, I chat with friends or family and then go back to the task.

Catherine C.
I like to stay patient and organised, this helps me get rid of all my problems and focus on one thing at a time (sometimes getting very distracted). Keeping organised is very important to me. Having OCD is one of the things that makes me stay on track.

Felix A.
Promise to dedicate just a few minutes to starting ( 5 or 10 minutes) or to do at least a small portion. 1% is always greater than 0%. Breaking the task into smaller more manageable pieces until it is complete.

Princesssparkle64 N.
Sometimes I struggle even to start a task, but other times I randomly start it and do it and after i realise i did it. I dont really have a plan or a to do list specifically for this, but i can say some tips to help you even just a little.
So, if you have a small task like cleaning the windows or washing the dishes, you can put a time you have to do them so you will be more likely to not procrastinate if you wanna do something important right after it; or you can give yourself a little reward if you finish the task.
Now, if you have to do a big task like cleaning the entire house in a day, just stay and analyse what you really have to do. After that organise in the way you want to do them or if you think some of them are easier than others do the easiest ones and then do those that are harder than usual. In that way, you put them more organised to help you finish them much earlier and easier maybe.
Now, try with some tasks and then let me know if that worked or not, or if you have other tips please let me know that too 🤗🤗🤗❤️

Mads W.
my first thought is often that i dont have time or that it’s to hard, and then i put the time and effort into context/realisation.

Shane Z.
i think of how proud i’ll be of myself when i finish it and how when i do finish it i can be done with whatever i’m doing and i just want to get it lived with sometimes

Xisto Q.
Always have to be mentally prepared for the tasks as this will teach a person about self discipline and how to achieve goals successfully

Marvin W.
usually i get some good music that makes me happy playing in the background and find a way to make that task fun for me. works 1/2 of the time

Michelle S.
First I make the conscience decision to do so. Then if any distractions arise I continue to say no I'm staying on task and I do

Sofia U.
I try to set my mind in a 'challenging' way or form. That I'll be more likely to finish in time, so I can get it out of my head. If it's a long task I normally like to remind myself that 'I need to accomplish it' so that I'll feel good about myself and for my health (if it concerns my health).

Вера Михайленко N.
I have no problem finishing any task, but it is very difficult for me to start doing something, as I am a perfectionist. Thanks to working with a psychologist, over time it’s getting easier for me to overcome this problem, I remember how good I felt when I worked and how bad I felt when I didn’t do anything and procrastinated, this motivates me to do something further and I’m proud of myself 🙂

Sherry F.
Divide the task into small achievable and non daunting tasks and set myself a reward after each small milestone is complete

Sheila Z.
Idk if you mean that but if i just want to do something I'll do it whatever I'll do it if I want to be healthy I'll do it I like to do the task and finish it n the right way or I rather die than not doing it

Lina Y.
I finish a task by just really focusing on that one task and blocking any distractions away. I also look at how I will feel once I have completed my task

Marcus P.
I honestly just give myself a second to realize how important the task is and why I need to finish it. It helps put me in the mood for me to actually finish that task

Jar F.
I always make an attempt to foresee the future me. I see where do I stand in the future as a person and I set my goals accordingly. Good tasks, good me will build a better me in the near future but bad tasks or dull me will build nothing out of me and I will achieve nothing in life. Having a calm and healthy mind helps having a calm healthy body thus increasing the focus, striving towards the aim. Thus trying to see the future ME always motivates me to complete a given task.

Selina W.
Well,I have been so lazy for a long time and I really wanted to make me a better person,so my task are the ones that I know I can do it,but how I finish my task…I know that these are my priorites and I finish them thinking that I don't want to be the person who I was,you have to be motivate and be sure that you can do it.(sorry if I have writen wrong,my english is not very good) so…motivate yoursef thinking that you can do it an you will!

Wilfriede X.
Its not easy. Start off small and work your way up. Once something becomes second nature you can add more and overtime you’ll be achieving all the little things you struggle with at once. Those little things become important with the whole picture.

Julien W.
I know how glowing, proud, healthy and hopeful I will feel after accomplishing a task that holds important meaning in my life.

Ad Rio C.
I will remind myself that I will reward myself afterwards or put music on which always motivates me to do anything. Auto correct made me say things I didn’t Nintendo

Adinda J.
I have several techniques for myself its not that thee help all the time but when something need to be done it works for me. I always make à list what to do. I enjoy crossing it out if I finished. For focus tasks I sometules use the pomodoro technique. Clean workingplace and only the things that you need in your sight. Also you can say 3 2 1 go and just stand up and start what you want to do.

Jacqui O.
It's very important and actually feels good when I stay on task to complete my chores and duty. Feels good having a clean house

Puteri A.
I will think about how it will end.
If i did not finish the task, at the end how it would be?
I will always ask myself that question

Emil Z.
I put my mind into finishing a task by bargaining with myself usually. “If you do this, you can reward yourself with this later on”. Having what I need set out where it can be seen and not ignored really helps also. Making a list of things that need done is useful for me. Music makes the tasks more enjoyable.

Arthur Z.
I set my mind to do the tasks because i know that is gonna be something that will make me feel healthy and a better person

Nev N.
I think about how much better I would feel and be after completing the task. I also begin looking at my bigger goals and think about how completing one little task gets me closer to achieving it. It’s all about motivation.

Charly O.
I like to pretend I'm in a video game. I'm not really sure why, but it makes doing the tasks I normally struggle with, easier. It also makes doing them more entertaining for myself.