How do you keep yourself from getting overwhelmed by the big cleaning jobs?

Chris Q.
I don't pile up my work.if I see sth that needs to be cleaned I clean it immediately…if I pile it up I'll get exhausted before I even start cleaning when I decide to clean.
Malo Y.
I take the tasks one at a time. Sometimes I'll take a break weather it's dancing, snacking, or phone time! It'll make the job shorter and you'll get a reward. But, you have to limit yourself to the amount of time you take your breaks in.
Conrado F.
To be honest, I just think of them as minor tasks and i do one by one carefully. Maybe it takes me a long time but I get to finish them all
Tom O.
I break it down in my head into a bunch of little tasks and play music. If I feel really unmotivated to do it I'll try to imagine it's a game and there's little missions I need to accomplish and in the end I'll reward myself with like reading a good book I wanna finish or playing some games or even just taking a nap if I'm exhausted.