Why do you clean up some messes before others? Are they easier or is it because the mess would be visible to others?

Al U.
For me it's usually the easiest mess, that's the way we are wired. To tackle the task that requires the least amount of effort. Swallowing the frog is a skill that needs to be intentionally practiced.
Alexia I.
Fir me it is what can I clean up that will have the biggest impact on my life. For example: I have dishes to do livingroom to pick up and the business room to organize that I do a live sale in every night. I start with the livingroom because that is the first thing any visitor and even myself will see coming into the house. Then I do the business room because if it is not organized and clean the shows (lives) i do are not thought out and professional, which equals profit. Third I will do dishes… because 1 I can work on these while cooking, 2 others in the house can do them to my satisfaction and 3 at the end of the day I can get most done and finish in the morning.
Willow A.
I usually pick the task that will take the longest to complete to get it out the way early! Getting that done motivates me to do the small stuff as well, because I already did the big thing so why not? 🙂
Pamela O.
I feel like we clean visible things when we have the pressure of other people coming over but I think mainly we clean some things first to escape the ones that really need cleaning/organizing.
Hannah O.
First, I clean up the biggest things that are in my way, like wall hangings that arent up yet or all of my clothes on my floor, and I get them out of the way. Then, I clean up all of the things that I have a definite assigned spot for. For instance, my perfumes, lotions, facemasks, etc. All have spots on the shelves hanging on my door. After that, I'll go to whatever I have the most of, like if there are bunches of papers, those are next, and then I collect the miscellaneous things into one basket and put that aside. Then you dust, sweep, and wipe everything down. After getting rid of gunk and trash is when it's easier to find places for and sort out all of the random stuff in that basket. And the last thing to do if give yourself so clean bed sheets, etc. and go to sleep:)! You deserve it!
Annedore F.
Because the mess I tend to clean up is in the way of what I'm doing or it's easier to do if I'm short on time but still want to have a clean space to move around and not feel unorganized.
Zeliha T.
It's easier to do it than tell others to do it and I generally like to keep things clean and organised otherwise I feel mentally cluttered too. Sometimes it's to show the difference between a clean environment and a messy one but you gotta do what you gotta do.