How do I tackle bigger cleaning projects without spending 2 hours on the same task?

Periwinkle A.
I'd say have it organized as much as is comfortable for you. I don't know about you, but I love organization! In fact, it affects my anxiety and how easy it is to control it. It is proven, as far as my knowledge goes, that this is the case for everyone in general. The more organization you have, the easier everything else will be. Other than that, the best idea I can come up with, is to 'chunk it'. This is a study trick that works, and I'm sure it will help in your case as well. Basically, you give yourself small amounts of time, say 15-30 minutes, to do the project, but then at the end of each time, take a break! Ease down, take a few breaths, relax, and give yourself a smaller amount of time-say 10-15 minutes to do something else-even if it is a smaller project. Once that break is over, go back to do it all again and repeat the best you can until the project is finished! Feel free to adjust the times and such to work best for you. With that, I wish you the best of luck!

Johanne C.
Its like when you have to clean up your bedroom, do a little bit everyday and if it are like actual chores then put on your favourite music then put a headset on and go for it! if even this doesnt work for you then make it a game you can do it with friends or all by yourself put a timer on and try to do it as fast as possible and then the next time you do this chore try to do it faster and just keep on doing it like that!! you got this!

Stephanie P.
I tend to take a lot of breaks. I easily get tired cause i don’t like doing my chores. They tend to overwhelm me and that makes me feel the need to take breaks after a single tiny task. This is why it takes longer for me to clean and organize the house.

Another thing i noticed is i tend to plan everything ahead of me. I don’t want to forget anything and i want a thorough guide throughout the day to help me be less anxious . This causes me to be unproductive due to excessive time spent on planning