How do you maintain a tidy environment?

Carter T.
I see a mess, I take note of mess and contemplate the time and effort to clean it up, then I go on with what I was doing and/or even completely avoid it. Sometimes, I recognize it will require a larger project and I begin researching a way to reorganize it and then it will usually take weeks to complete. If a mess is on one level of the house and it’s home is on the second level, I will either set it on the stairs to go up, or if I’m heading that way, I will take it with me and usually take it directly to it’s home. I could really use a new system for sure.
Ben G.
I make sure I am well mentally by showering and taking care of myself for me to then be able to clean my surroundings and give myself a lot of space in the places I spend a lot of my time.