What do you think is a good Clean & Tidy Up ritual?

Theresia O.
Recently what I’ve done to help keep the apartment tidy is cleaning the kitchen and picking up the living room. Putting away things that are just around and not in their place. But if I do deep cleaning I pick a day that isn’t so crazy and use that time to deep clean the Apartment starting from the kitchen and living room then ending with the bedroom and bathroom. If your just having a busy day the best thing to do is kitchen then the most messiest area in the home.
Frederike F.
Oragnizing anything around your house. Cleaning or dusting anything that needs to be clean. or maybe even focusing on your mentally health. clean slate.
Anice S.
Set a timer for five minutes and work in a room. Some cleaning is better than no cleaning because you’re waiting for “enough time” to do it perfectly!