How do you get motivated to tidy up daily?

Flenn P.
I hate how things look when they're messy and it adds a level of stress to my day partly subconsciously so I try to just do things like that before I let any thoughts into my head like I can't be bothered to do this.
Mila Y.
I get motivated to tidy up daily by many things, One, could be my mood it can be super upbeat and just ready for anything to happen. Second, would be if I decided to listen to music making it even more fun to tidy, and last but not least the company I have at times. tidying up is a great way of declutterig and making everything a lot more easier to find, it’s the end result that motivates me the most 😉
Giovani E.
I usually tidy up my desk, notes, room and my closet daily and I don’t necessarily have or need a motivation to do it, I am really messy actually and in the same time I hate to not have my things organized so I just clean up my mess. However, tasks like sweep the floor or disinfect the area are done every Sunday cause for those really need motivation. To get up and do it I watch cleaning videos or see rooms cleaned very well and this give me somehow wanting to make home really pretty, tidied up and cleaned without any trash on the floor.
Alexandra S.
Usually I tidy up my place in the evening. I feel calm when its done so I could go sleep, and love to wake up and have fresh start in clean place.
Donna F.
Wake up early, wash your face, get some good clothes on, work with your door closed and be professional! (at least that’s what helps me)

– Alena Brooks

Regina W.
Well sometimes it can be really hard but I have to remember the good feeling of a clean room and know that's it's worth it and also thinking about when you are making the mess to prevent it at the source, so like if you change and you leave your clothes on the floor just remember to put them away and if you snack in your room and leave your bowls on the floor remember to put them away after your done. But really nobody's perfect haha so I still make messes all the time and just don't clean it but it is always worth is at the end.
Mads Z.
The issue is that I do not tidy up everyday. I'm often unmotivated to do so, then I procrastinate and it piles up and then I'm literally paralyzed by the utter mess! Hence why I'm using this app.
Ilonka C.
The app reminders helped me a lot at first, but then I had a great sense of achievement, and I liked the way my new space looked, it also gave me some space inside my own head and my thoughts and emotions felt a bit clearer and lighter, so this sensation and sense of achievement are now the real reasons that keep me on the road
Cl Mence Y.
It helps me to put my phone (which I use as my alarm) in the bathroom. I put my running clothes on the counter, so that the alarm forces meto get out of bed. By the time I get to the washroom and turn off my phone, I have escaped the draw of staying in bed. Then I try to get my running clothes on and get out the door quickly, before I can talk myself out of the run! Good luck! It's not easy but you can do it!
Salemo Q.
I get motivated to tidy up everyday, because a home looks and smells better clean, seeing a clean home makes you feel good inside and out
Albrecht H.
I get motivated to tidy up daily by telling myself that I’m gaining from it, or that it will be worth it when finished. I’m still lazy and would not like to do my chores, but if I don’t then I’ll lose everything I’m looking forward to and am enjoying at the moment. So I tell myself to clean in order to get what I want in the end. It'll be worth it <3