Do you declutter when you clean? Or is that a separate activity?

Ann P.
I often have to declutter so that I can clean! I'm hoping that my daily decluttering routine will make this more straightforward, as they are more efficiently done separately.
Chris J.
Nit always, I usually save the task of decluttering for when I am being mindful as well, then I keep what is meaningful yo me snd let go of what is not.
Hans Hinrich Q.
This depends on my mood. If I'm in a good mood and energetic I do both with music on high volume. This feels like a weekend thing. The rest of the week I'm usually tired from working. Then I just try to get through a task quickly so I can relax.
Nicoline Z.
For me I feel like I need more time to declutter but I love doing it when I clean i usually my room or doing the dishes something small that has to be done
Megan O.
Decluttering to me is a bigger job to me. If I'm just tidying up for 10 mins before I get ready for bed, I won't be decluttering much, but if it's the weekend and I'm doing more work then I'll declutter.
Ellie N.
Non sempre. Fare spazio quando si pulisce vuol dire anche togliere cose inutili, eliminare cose che non si usano. A volte si ha paura di gettare qualcosa che può servire nel futuro ma quello che può servire nel futuro si potrà sempre comprare
Ariadne N.
I declutter as I clean because I like to see things left organized, labels facing forward and just enjoying being able to see everything we have. Makes it feel like my own store in a way hahaha. Makes me feel productive as well because I feel like I’m making a difference.
Cecil O.
Yeah, sometimes. Don't think into it too much, just do what you think needs done and don't stress, otherwise you won't want to keep the habbit! 🙂 "

Ps Carole Baskin killed her husband xo

Danielle C.
It is a separate activity, after you’ve actually cleaned. I have it listed as a separate habit. Once my space is clean and I have a break, I focus on one little area and just declutter that one space. That way it never feels overwhelming, since decluttering usually requires making more of a mess temporarily.
Christa Z.
I am a very cluttery person. I prefer to clean instead of tidy because I often can't decide what goes where but it's easy to decide when something is clean. They are very different things for me.
Gregory W.
I would usually put everything in sink what is dirty (dishes, cutlery, choping board u.t.t.) and then clean all surfaces, put clean dishes back in place. And only then I clean floor as you usually start from top to bottom. Hope this help and answers you question. Have a good day!
Cheyenne Q.
I used to be a hoarder of my things, I used to feel sad getting rid of my things. I Moved last year, so it was hard to bring everything with me, it was hard getting rid of things I didn't use or need anyone. I've become a minimalist. I have the things I need, I could fit everything I own in 3 suitcases. When I clean, if I don't need it, use it or consider an object trash, I throw it away.
Kyra T. lately I have been more so decluttering. Cleaning is more of scrubbing things that are dirty, or dusting an old shelf. Decluttering is when you see something that has so much clutter, and then you separate all the items then you can put them in desperate places. These activities can be commonly confused.
Pamela R.
I do decluter when I clean, it's a "multiple-part" room cleaning of what I took out of place in the morning, before I study.
Jusseline F.
Depends on the activity, generally yes as l de clutter an area l tend to clean as well. When l clean after decluttering it has the sense of accomplishment.
Derek E.
Decluttering while cleaning seems like a distraction yet it also seems like a great time to do it. I think once everything is more organized, then decluttering while cleaning can be a good idea