Sometimes I feel like I want clutter around me. It gives me comfort (I think). My brain tells me not to tidy because I’d lose that comfort. How do I detangle from that belief?

Kelsey P.
I had a similar issue. I found that the "comfort" is in knowing where everything is. However, once I had a set place for everything, I felt even BETTER because not only did everything have a home, but the neatness actually did make a difference for me.

Cilli Q.
It seems clutter has become meaningful to you and you attach to things, not necessarily expensive things, to add meaning and fullness to you life. Perhaps in order to not address the loneliness or the lack of commitment to yourself. It’s a project you will get to that doesn’t really bother you. It’s something you can handle some day, but not now, and while the ‘clutter project’ is pending, you don’t have to get to the other heavy stuff. Get it done and find yourself beyond it.