Does anyone have one room that seems impossible to keep clean since it’s your work/hobby room?

Cirleni S.
Well yes, at time's when you do not have positive thoughts about cleaning the room the no, it will be easier to clean up that room.
M Lissa I.
I am a person who finds difficult to keep her space clean. But I see the difference in my attitude when the space where I do sport or I work or I sleep is clean. So I'm trying to everything always in good stare.
Mikaela Z.
Absolutely. We have 2 rooms that are really tricky. Our bedroom & living room always seem to be in order but the other 2 rooms go through wild phases of chaos to cleaned up. I'm constantly trying to figure out the system that works best for most of the time so that I can clean it up easily when it's time to wrap things up. I'm a big fan of project bins so that the never ending chaos doesn't drive me absolutely bonkers (or distract my ADHD brain)