How do I make a good schedule for cleaning?

Magnus P.
Well, it depends on your sleeping routine and your country's weather (how frequently you need to clean)
For example I am a day eagle so I start cleaning right after breakfast, I live in Iraq and there are a sand storms all the time in my region so I clean every day.
I recommend the cleaning to be done as soon as possible there are three times I recommend :
1-after you eat breakfast
2-after you come back from. work.
3-after you eat dinner/before sleeping.
And cleaning frequency depends on the weather where you live, either everyday like me or every other day or every two days or even once a week but never let a week pass without cleaning even once. And I recommend to have every month a day where you clean things that you don't clean normally to keep everything sparkling and organized.
I hope this will help you and as a last tip don't listen to anything while cleaning and focus on your task, when I used to listen to music it took me hours to finish and now when I focused on the task I clean the house in an hour or so.