What time of day is best to clean the dishes?

Christina S.
I prefer to do the dishes as soon as they're there. If not, I always make sure they're done before bed because I don't want to wake up with a sink full of dirty dishes. It's important to start your day with a clean slate, and that isn't just metaphorically, keeping a clean house creates a calming environment.
Natalie P.
I like to do mine just after I have finished with all the prepping of my food whilst it’s cooking. or when I’m having a break from doing my uni work
Maya O.
The best time to clean the dishes would be any time there are, the longer you leave the mess, the bigger they become. To be fast on your feet is better than to leave things behind.
Emilie U.
I do my family dishes by hand (I don’t have a dishwasher!) and find it’s best to do it twice a day, after breakfast and after the evening meal.
Simran O.
As soon as you’re done with it so it doesn’t pile up. Leaving it until night or the morning after isn’t good cos it adds to the mess