How do I keep my room clean and tidy?

Jordan P.
I started with doing a weekend deep clean with everything perfect and clean. Then just started little habits like when I went to throw my cloths on the floor, I would think no just put them in the hamper. And then every evening and every morning I pick up. Between being less messy throughout the day and then picking up morning and evening it stays done all the time. I also always keep the dishwashers empty and ready for dishes. When it is full wash then, and then immediately unload them when I come home from work. Hang in there and eventually you will have a routine and habit! Good luck you got this!

Railsha A.
I keep my room clean and tidy by dedicating a space for every item and, after using an item, returning it to its designated space immediately after each use. For example, my coat and purse belong on the hooks on the door so every time I come home, I head straight to my room to hang up my coat and purse. When I don't have time to, or simply don't feel like, putting things in their spots, I designate only one place in my room, or in the kitchen, that I place anything that needs to be put away later. In my room, it's my ottoman. In the kitchen, it's my usual work space next to the stove. I do this for a couple reasons. For one, it prevents the entire room from getting out off hand. Another reason is that when I finally get fed up with having no room to sit down in my usual spot or prepare my food in my workspace, I have to put things away before I begin my next task. Also, I don't like to pick stuff up off the floor since I believe it to be dirty and it's more of a hassle. This in itself prevents me from leaving things on the floor in the first place. I don't like to clean, so if I keep things tidy to begin with, I don't have to worry too much about cleaning up big messes! I hope this gives you some ideas! Good luck!

Kadiatou Q.
Keeping a clean room is a very consistent task. Make sure that there is no trash in your room, vaccum/sweep weekly, organize your personal items on your counters, dressers, etc, but most importantly, make sure it is clean to YOUR liking. It's your room, organize it the way you want to!

Zofia O.
Do a little bit every day. Incorporate it into your daily routine, 10 minutes of cleaning every day. Put things back where they're meant to be. Do a deep cleaning periodically to make sure things are really clean thoroughly. Don't procrastinate! Put things away when you notice they're out of place, and you'll thank yourself later.

John L.
Downsize the amount of things you own
If you have to much, get rid of 5 things per day (recycle, donate or sell)
Everything has its own spot where it belongs. Put it back after you have used it

Ashleigh T.
I believe that every thing that you own should have its home and when a thing is used it is taken out from its home. If as soon as you are finished with that piece of clothing or artifice you put that thing back in its designated home then nothing will remain messy. I like to keep my clothes and things organised for a nice clean and minimal feel with the interior design. Good luck.