What cleaning tasks do you deem important enough to be performed daily

Daniel E.
The cleaning tasks I deem important enough to be performed daily would be to put away any loose pieces of clothing around, wash dishes and put them away, and sweep floors.
Giulia S.
To me the most important room to be clean is the kitchen. I try to make sure that dirty dishes are loaded in the dishwasher. I find that I am more likely to cook, if I don't have to clean first.
Vruti P.
I make my bed everyday, its the first thing I look any, and then I clean my desktop area, mainly where I work, cause I want that space neat. And the final one would be my closet.
Corey W.
Doing the dishes, wiping down the counter and sweeping the floor. Putting away those left out items. Making sure the kitchen stays tidy creates an overall sense of cleanliness and order in the house – even if the other rooms are a bit messy. I feel more relaxed when the kitchen is clean and I find that I can keep to my schedule more easily as well because I’m not stopped in the morning by a mess when I’m trying to make food and get out the door. Ditto for when I come home and want to spend time with my family or get some extra tasks done.
Daniel Y.
Because I have ADHD, I have to be careful to strike a balance between doing just enough to be worthwhile, but not so much that I hyperfocus on it and do the whole house, sweating my a$$ off (I also won’t keep it up everyday).

So Monday I’ll vacuum upstairs, sort out clothes washing and generally tidy up everywhere.

Then Tuesday I’ll vacuum downstairs, sort out clothes, tidy up and empty the dishwasher.

Wednesday I won’t do any vacuuming and won’t need to sort the clothes. Instead, I’ll just clean the kitchen (clear the sides, wipe everything down, but everything back).

Thursday I’ll start back at the first day’s tasks.

Friday is the second day’s tasks

Saturday I’ll just clean the bathroom and toilets

Sunday I won’t do anything

Vanesa I.
Having breakfast, not checking social media at least half an hour before going to sleep and after waking up, preparing outfit in advance (in order not to lose time in the morning), writing to do list
Leonora I.
Manterei a louça sempre lavada, especialmente a noite antes de dormir. Manter o banheiro sempre higienizado e o chão sempre limpo. As roupas serão sempre organizadas no armário.
Lindsey Q.
Keeping up with the dishes and cleaning the bathroom are the ones I try to keep up with the most. I should include the laundry but I can't seem to tackle it as often as I should 😬
Christa N.
Dishes!! I do that twice a day, morning and after dinner. Wiping down counters and faucets in bath and kitchen. I make sure everyone uses a hamper and not the floor or furniture for their clothe. I make our bed every day.
Justine B.
1. the place where you work. If your desk or wherever is neat, you will be more motivated to study and do work.
2. clear your living space. there’s not much explanation for this, just that you’ll be more considerate to people living with you this way.
Michelle S N.
Drinking water to feel better and to do everyday tasks and to have a good routine also to enjoy life also to be kind and wish my family all the best and do better for my family and too be thier for my family and to do better and everyday tasks
Christos F.
Floors and Countertops for the full house.
The kitchen needs to be tidy before beginning other projects in that area of the house.
Bedrooms need to be free of items on the floor with all beds made.
Bathrooms with floors free from clutter and towels folded and placed in their places.
Jenni X.
The dishes, because it is so easy to let them pile up and become overwhelming in a few days. If you just clean them immediately after using them, you can enjoy your dinner and not have any responsibilities the rest of the night.
Norman J.
I always make sure there’s nothing on my room floor that doesn’t belong. In the kitchen I always make sure there’s no dirty dishes or anything out of place
Sierra Y.
My personal choices: making my bed, wiping down the kitchen counters (usually also putting anything in the sink in the dishwasher, so that the sink is empty), and toiletries all put away in the bathroom. These are the three main areas I’m in and using daily, so want them to be fresh to begin every new day.
Rog Rio N.
Sorry for my English i am greek. I believe that the most important is to do and clean your bed and your work part because then you are more concentrate and you have clean head
Farah M.
I think cleaning your desk or the place where you spend most of your time is really important, especially for productivity. I can't work in a mess, so I tidy and clean everyday.
Natalee S.
Decluttering/putting things in their designated spots is definitely my go to “cleaning” task but I also like to think at night what needs to really be cleaned. Do my sheets need washed? Do I need to vacuum? Does the furniture need to be dusted? Having one cleaning task to do quickly in the morning makes me feel great, especially after I finish. Feeling cleanly makes me feel accomplished, clean, organized, and ready for the day to come.
Dale F.
The dishes and kitchen need to be kept clean all the time. It's in use most days and I'd not cleaned regularly can be home to many unpleasant causes of sickness. It also helps to encourage healthier eating.
The bedroom and general living area should be neatened, and set back to its default state. This will prevent things from feeling cluttered and disorganised – and by extension yourself.
Other than this smost cleaning tasks can be done after 2-3 days at a time, or once each week. This stops everything being urgent or wasting efforts on things that are already clean.
Fabien I.
Washing dishes and cleaning /folding clothes. Because if they’re done, then the rest will be so much easier to do. I consider those two tasks personally to be the most difficult. Everything else can be quickly done.
H Ber Z.
I sweep my hardwood bedroom floor every afternoon, I have cats and cat litter scatters across the floor. I sweep up the litter daily because I hate when things get stuck on my feet when walking barefoot in the house.
Clifton R.
Everything, I believe having your surrounding clean and tidy helps you focus more and be able complete your tasks peacefully.
Ki F.
Dishes! As well as making your bed. Nobody wants to live in a house with dirty dishes, and having a neat place to sleep is very lovely
Laureen G.
10 mins clean of whatever was used that day and then some. Keeps my space from getting too cluttered since I have more stuff than space. 🙂
Natalia X.
I take out my recycling, because I'm studying math and I typically have to throw out a lot of paper full of notes and attempts at homework problems. I also dust a little bit, because of my allergies. But it's honestly up to you and what's important in your opinion.
Angel J.
Tidying the kitchen and wiping down the sides. Putting the dishwasher on. Picking up all the kids toys. Putting away clean clothes. I generally do all these things after the children are in bed.
Syama I.
To clean the room, keep it near and tidy. Mop it 2 days a week so that the dust particles won't hunt you down. Make the bed every morning once I am awake. Wash of the untencils I used previous night so that they are clean and placed. And finally clean myself.
Tomothy J.
I believe cleaning your room is very important. It’s the first and last place you visit ,It’s where you relax and there is no way you can relax if your room isn’t clean.actually everything you are around daily should be clean and organized so if your day is stressful it won’t add to that stress. Your body and clothes should be clean also not only will other people have a better perception of you but you will feel a lot better.
Mandy F.
For me, reducing clutter is helpful on a daily basis. I make my bed, make sure I don’t have dirty dishes in the sink, put random stuff where it should be, tidy up my office. This makes me feel better but also it gives me something to do with my nervous energy.
Rico N.
Dishes. Decluttering. Make up bed. Vacuum and Mop floors. Clean my Dogs Rest Bed and Dog Bowls. Give sinks a quick swirl. Keep Car clean and Dogs Compartment clean and his bowls clean with fresh water and food.
Caroo N.
I think washing dishes is a must everyday. Wiping washroom sinks after each use or when spilled water and other things happen. It will look good and clean, make cleaning less messy on weekends. Sweeping the kitchen and washing the floor as needed.
Matthieu P.
Not so much cleaning as tidying up: first thing in the morning I make my bed. Last thing before I go to sleep I tidy up my room. This makes my sleeping habits way better and with that my mental health and productivity
Laura E.
Doing the dishes, and swiping off the kitchen surfaces, keeping the kitchen decluttered. Decluttering living spaces such as the living room table
Zoe F.
Daily cleaning of your room. (Bring any and ALL dishes down, put clean clothes away, put dirty clothes where they need to be, any garbage throw out, clean up clutter, etc.)
Kira F.
Usually any small cleaning that’s related to something I do everyday, like folding up my pajamas before I take a shower. Or putting away any toiletries I use as soon as I use them.
Teresita Z.
To clean the kitchen and dishes. This way yo go straight to preparing breakfast instead of washing the dishes and making it tedious
Faith L.
I live in a dorm so there’s not much to clean everyday. But every morning I wipe down my desk since it collects the most germs throughout the day, and then I vacuum, take out the trash, and clean the sink so that I have a room that isn’t cluttered or overwhelming when I come back from classes or errands. Hope that helps!
Dwayne Y.
Doing the washing up so the kitchen is clean and tidy ready for next day and packed lunch is sorted. Watering the plants in the glasshouse so we have home grown vegetables to eat
Tamisonel N.
It is very important for me to clean all my daily mails. So that my mind feels clearly in control and relaxation instead of stress me out!!!
Jessica O.
– I find cleaning and tidying my room the most important to me, this is because it’s where I spend most of my time and the place I find myself most comfortable. Tidying all clothes away and getting into a tidy bed with candles on is where I am happiest.
Emily O.
I think that whatever space you use the most you should keep tidy such as your room. Doing something small lile making your bed everyday makes you more productive and creates a better chance you will have a better day and stick to your hood habits
Enora Q.
Make your bed. Use it as grounding technique, even if the rest of the day falls apart, you can say, "hey, at least I made my bed." Meditating to clear the mind is great as well.
Alexis B.
I think the most important cleaning task to do daily is to organize your room because mess can make a person stressed, especially if you hang out on your room alot. Thanks for asking!😀
Adam E.
Cleaning up the kitchen, including putting dishes away and dirty dishes in the dishwasher along with wiping down the counters. Picking up the living room and bedrooms to prevent clutter.
Camilla O.
Doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen/bathroom sink along with the eating table. These places are used multiple times a day and some of them come in contact with what you ingest. This is why it’s important to keep them clean and sanitary every day.
Aymeric T.
I don't do the same cleaning tasks everyday, except perhaps the inevitable dish washing. I respond to my environment and do whatever hasn't been done for a while– recycling, sweeping, wiping counters and walls.
Oscar N.
My bed is a havoc and so is my desk! I literally clean both everyday. I guess this is something everyone should do everyday. Umm…. If u want something more then u can clean your kitchen on a daily basis, pile up your books according to the most prioritised one…
Yeah that's all I had to say for the things u can do everyday. Hope i helped.

Good luck!

Farrady Y.
Washing up, cleaning yourself and cleaning your work space so that every time you sit down it is fresh and ready to start
Sean N.
I don't do the same cleaning tasks daily, partially because not all cleaning jeeds to be done daily and partially because my SO and I share our work. The first places I look are dishes, laundry, and the table where I write. Other than that, I simply manage to find something that needs to be done.
Savy U.
I would say putting things away where they belong, unpacking and putting things away from bags/purses, dusting, cleaning or putting away dishes, tidying clothes, etc. Just putting things where they belong if they are out of place and maybe dusting or wiping surfaces if they are dirty.
I personally use my clean and tidy time to work on doing a total overhaul of my room with the MariKondo method, so I dedicate some time every day to chip away at whatever stage I am currently on.
Wanda G.
Cleaning dishes and my sink, and wiping down my bathroom daily. Especially the places our families hands touch frequently
Louane Z.
I think a general tidy up, putting things away in their places is good, a tidy environment is a calm one in my mind. And doing the dishes from the day.
Lillie O.
Just generally sweeping the room for anything that looks out of place. I feel more motivated in the morning if my room is already clean
Enola E.
My bedroom would the most important cleaning task for me. It's my area of peace but I cannot find peace in a messy bedroom. I feel like my bedroom is a reflection of what's going on in my head, messy brain messy bedroom.
Holly N.
I wipe down my counters with Lysol cleaning wipes every evening, and make sure no dishes are left out. As long as my kitchen is clean and ready to cook in every day I have no excuse to grab something from out for meals!
Emily X.
Wiping down the range/stove. Wiping up or vacuuming dust bunnies. Wipe the countertops. Make sure there arent any dirty dishes in the sink. Light clean up of bathrooms. Wipe off the fridge and dishwasher. All of these tasks take less than 10 mins a day.
Guy P.
Things done daily are usually dishes and decluttering. Things pile up quickly at our house, on top of tables and counters, so if I don't stay on top of it, it gets bad pretty fast.
Liam F.
Washing dishes, and especially my water bottle for the day, you'd be surprised what is growing inside beyond a couple of days of use.
Irina S.
Making my bed is really important, makes room looking clean right away. Putting clothes back in closet or wash. Can't go to sleep with dirty dishes in the sink.
Sherry Y.
I like to keep my room and sewing area clean. Sometimes a loose pin falls on the floor and can cause a minor pain but it is better to stop any pain than to experience one every day. I also have a 2 year old that likes to eat everything so It needs to be clean to make sure he is safe.
Teliano S.
Dishes are a priority, and sweeping the floor. Ideally also putting away any clothes and blankets that have been displaced.
Istvan F.
As a college student living in a dorm, it is very important for me to keep the top of my desk cleaned. It takes up a lot of space and when I let it get dirty I basically lack on keeping everything else clean as well!
Victoria X.
In my opinion, the bedroom is the most important place to keep organized everyday. It is better to sleep in a more organized place and for me it's the place I spend more time at.
Kimberly P.
I clean the kitchen daily because a clean kitchen makes me want to cook. I do a light cleaning of the bathroom- wipe off the vanity spray the tub because it makes me happy and I'm a bit of a germaphobe ☺.
莊榮祚 N.
I think the window, the floor and the doorway would be the Top3 cleaning task I would pay attention on. Because there are the connection between in and out, up and down.
Balin P.
Clear off all counters. I keep a spray bottle of multipurpose cleaner and a towel in every major room of the house ( living room, dining room, bathrooms, kitchen).
Domniki X.
For me, its about tidying my closet a bit, so that i can find my clothes the next morning that i will need to get dressed.
Wasing the dishes once a fay, because you dont wanna let them be too dirty and live in a snelly kitchen. Also tidying my desk, because i will need to sit there and work every afternoon and it always gets a little messy.
Prioritize the ones that are linked to your DAILY ACTIONS, so that the messy environment won't stop you from performing your day!!!!
Felix A.
My room and office are so so important to keep clean on a daily basis.If I don’t I feel that I don’t want to enter that room even if it is a room I spend most of my time with.I do little things like cleaning all the art supplies off the table or clean all the clothes off the floor
Sophia O.
I think cleaning dishes is the most important daily task. It always needs to be done, and it is a rather relaxing task. Taking a break, putting in earbuds and listening to something a couple hours before bed while doing dishes is something I like to turn from a chore into a self care routine by changing the way I engage in the task.
Himara T.
I’d say sweeping and just organizing. There are things like mopping and decluttering that should be done on a weekly basis, but not daily. For my Clean & Tidy Up habit, I usually just clean up the room I’m in at that moment since I don’t need to worry about the entire house since we have maids. If I’m at work during my afternoon routine, I would just generally tidy up my desk and declutter.

Hope this helps 🙂