Where’s the best place to start cleaning up ?

Jennifer Z.
So from my own experience, if you’re looking to declutter I’d say start in your bedroom/closets and work your way down / out. Moving from the back of your home toward the front door. One room at a time. I’d recommend deep cleaning and washing the fabrics for each space you declutter before moving on to the next. Staring in your room means the first and last thing you’ll see every day is a clean space. And one completely clean space is real evidence of your progress and motivation for more.

I’d also recommend putting everything you’re getting rid of or thinking about getting rid of close to the door you usually leave out of. Figure it this way, all the stuff you want to throw out is now right by the exit so every time you leave, you take something to toss or donate. Things you’re giving away are also by the door. Super easy – no excuse not to get rid of it.

Victoria E.
It depends on where is the messiest in my home. Most of the time it is my room, but other times it is the kitchen. I always like to start with my room because that is where I spend most of my time. I feel like wherever you spend the most time, it should be clean and comfortable. To summarize the words stated, I think my room is the best lace to start cleaning because I spend a lot of time in it.

Guillaume A.
To start cleaning up a little bit at a time and not doing it all that once, mainly doing half one day and the rest the next day

Arwa K.
The best place to start is under my bed. I have to beds mine and my sisters but she is only4 so i have to clean it up. I start with getting everything in one spot and then start cleaning, sorting everything. Then i do al the laundry and cleaning the mirror. Last but not least make the beds and clean my desk. I think thats it, i hope it helped you

Karla N.
Maybe your bedroom, because if you can't clean your whole house, at least you've cleaned up the room where you're supposed to relax and sleep.

Jannatul U.
In my opinion, I like to start cleaning from my room then othwrs room because first thing I like to see that clean in my house is my room☺

Candice N.
When I clean up I do so by room, and I start by picking up any loose items such as things that don’t belong in the room, garbage, call miss placed items, clothing and so on. Then I pick one surface in the room to start feeling up and I continue by surface the last thing I clean is the floor.