I’m renting an appartment with a sad kitchen with no natural light and dammadged cabinets. What are some ways i can brighten up the place without angering my landlord?

Dennis Q.
You could buy vinyl stickers for over the cabinets as it’s easily removed if you move out of the home, spot lights on the roof to give you lighting from above then also under cabinet lighting which could be led strips which change colour and can be dimmed if you don’t want it too bright
Sidney S.
Hmm. I personally have never done anything like that before, but for brightening up my room I really just added more things. I began putting bright colors like yellow and orange on the walls. I also just put strange things that made me laugh, like I just a painting of a chicken that just had the word life on it. It just makes me laugh. So really just small things that make you life with bright colors is that I would do.
Kristin C.
There’s a couple of things you can do to add light and greenery that won’t anger the landlord. First, there are button lights on Amazon that you can place under the cabinets to add lighting.


Next, I’d also buy fake plants to add greenery as that also helps warm up the space. There’s several at Target that are not too expensive.

Best of luck!