How do you keep it clean

Алина Екимова N.
Generally I try to put everything on the places where it should be straight away, to make sure that I will not have a mess after. Weekly I make a list about what I have to do during this week, like laundry, change bedclothes. Once per month I have big cleaning day when I clean literally everything and I'm lucky to have husband who helps me. I am responcible for clean kitchen, he is for bathroom, everything else we're doing together
Bobbie T.
Walking. It’s free. No special clothing needed except for good shoes and weather wise accessories. I started walking 2002 with the goal of 30 minutes daily. I live in Alaska, walked on treadmills, in indoor gyms, at malls, and outside come rain or snow. In 2017 I walked across Spain.
Bobbie T.
Keep what clean? My house, my dogs, my car, my friendships, my mind? It happens piece by piece, corner by corner, thought by thought. It isn’t as automatic as I would like, but working on that. It’s a revolving wheel that comes circling back whether it is your kitchen or your life. One clean surface leads to another, one sorted drawer another. I give it time 15 or 20 min daily with a longer clean on Friday. When the house is clean I know will be back to the kitchen sink on the morrow.
Aur Lia F.
As long as your workspace isn't tiny, you will have space to temporarily put your study items: Study books, flashcards e.t.c
Don't let it distract you during study time, make sure your desk is clean before you study; also you should minimise the items to keep it organised.