Where should I start when I want to clean and tidy up my house?

Ma Lia T.
When cleaning your house you should first start on your bedroom. Even when you don't finish cleaning everything in one day, having a clean space to sleep in at night will remind you of all the work you did that day and motivate you for a successful day tomorrow.
Sofie E.
I have “quick cleans” and deep cleans – a quick 15 minute tidy up makes my place look good for now. And I feel relaxed Everything is put away, dirty dishes neatly stacked etc.
I keep all benches and table tops clear and the floor clear as I go. I have a messy toddler so this is ongoing.
A deep clean is once a week scrubbing top to bottom inside and out
Cindy Y.
When cleaning your house start with the laundry. Sort it. Put it in the washer. You’ll have to come back to it of course, but now you’ll basically be accomplishing more at one time. Now, after you are the washer, if you have a dishwasher, load it. If not, wash those dishes! Clear the counter. Move to the living room, and pick up. Focus on putting things were they belong. Having a designated spot for everything makes it easier to put things away. Finally sweep, vacuum, & mop!! (Don’t forget about the laundry or dishes). Before you know it, they whole house is clean!
Walter F.
The kitchen is a good place to start… clear surfaces and put everything away. Empty the sink and wipe it clean. It’s quite a quick win but will give you pleasure to prepare your next meal without all rhe clutter.
Serenity O.
Clear clutter first: start by minimizing number of items on each surface. The floor is a surface, too. Put it in bags or baskets and throw out as much as you can manage. Sort leftover items by category and store them somewhere sensible. To clean: empty and clean your sink/wash basin so you can work from there. Work systematically: touch up cleanest areas first and work your way to the dirtiest.
Vicki X.
With the room that you start and end your day in—the bedroom. It is more peaceful to get rest in a room that doesn’t overwhelmingly need work. To start your day in a clean room is a morale booster.
Owen S.
Start in your room by making your bed or putting the clothes back in the wardrobe. You can then organise your desk. If you need to clean more than one room, just start by what you see in the room first.
I hope this helped. 😊
Deborah B.
It doesn’t matter wherever we should start. The good question isn’t’ "WHERE should I start ?" But "WHEN should I start cleaning ?" Choose the perfect time to clean to make it amusement, with music or TV. That way it is not a drudgery but something relate to personal enjoyment. I love to clean my house thanks to this method!
Utz X.
I focus my attention on just staying moving during my 10 minutes of tidying. So, I may start with something easier, like the bathroom. I’ll make little piles if i find items that belong in another room. And then once I’m all done with the bathroom, I’ll go to the room where my biggest pile tells me to go.
Faith F.
I usually start with vacuuming floors in my house, then I clean my kitchen, bathroom, other rooms and the last room that I clean is my bedroom. I want my space to clean and make as better as I can.
Stephen F.
Start with a cup of tea and a self love meditation. Decide how long you’ll clean for and set an alarm. Decide what you want the most to feel when your done. Put on great music. Don’t use planet destroying chemicals. Don’t overdo it. Get it done and find ways to make it fun. Reward yourself afterwards with something that supports your well being Give yourself a gold star
Freddie E.
I always start with myself. Brush my teeth, shower, change, & brush my hair. It makes me feel better about myself first thing in the morning and makes my chores seem less daunting.
Lily P.
It doesn’t need to necessarily be cleaning your house. You could tidy up yourself – maybe with a face mask, hair mask, maybe putting on a cuter outfit – things that allow you to feel more productive in engaging in your self-care routine. However you could start with your bedroom or other spaces in your home you use on a day to day basis. Maybe organize that random space you’ve been meaning to get to for a while but just haven’t pushed yourself to do even though you want to.
Carl Z.
I believe that you should start with your work space. After that, work on the messiest place in your house. After this, you might be tired. Collect all of the laundry and do that. Put anything that was already in the washer into he did dryer. Then, do the dishes. While you rep waiting for those to finish I recommend doing the second most messiest room. Keep on going from there and once the dishes and laundry is done, fold the dry laundry and put the wet laundry into the dryer. Put away the dishes and either start a new load or go put away the laundry. Then continue on in the house. Once you have everything clean, try to put back and tidy every small mess you have made over the day. This should keep you clean.
Tip: Do your laundry and dishes regularly as if you don’t you will start to get overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you would have to do. Hope this was helpful! 🙂 good luck 👍🏼
Vincent Z.
Personally I start in the kitchen. I hate it the most and it’s often not my mess. But it gets things out of the way. Recently I got into the habit of only drinking from one cup. I have only had water out of the one cup for four months now. So I use far less dishes.
August N.
I always start by putting clothes away. Getting a wash ready in machine for the next morning. Then I make sure the dishes are done, dried and put away so you are ready to prepare breakfast fresh the next morning. Lastly I make sure the bedroom is as clean and clutter free before sleep. I usually sleep better that way.
Lauren U.
A good place to start is your bathroom, then Kitchen, bedroom and whatever rooms would be your next priority. This is all just personal preference but the bathroom and kitchen come first for me because they are smaller and I love it when I know they are clean. The bedroom is next because it is a quiet restful room and I like it to look inviting and soothong. The rest of the house is not as important to me in the Summer, I am an outdoors lady. So they are tidy and somewhat dusted now and then.
Katrine C.
I would start in the smallest room with the least amount of clutter, then as you’re able to clean that small space, feel great about yourself, and then move on to the next room. Repeat as necessary and enjoy the dance party in between
Onildo N.
I start cleaning my house in the “easiest” rooms. My bedroom and office have the least clutter and need the least time to clean. I always feel better when I can check off a room as complete so finishing those quick ones to start helps me build momentum.
Brooke S.
I always start by the areas that I need to use no matter what: Bedroom, toilet and kitchen. Then I proceed to the living room and other spaces.

Always take small areas in the room you selected and don’t pass to the next one until you finish that area because in the process more things that have to go there might appear and will need to be sorted out.

Most important of all, don’t over stress. Take it easy and step by step.

Jost S.
Start anywhere you feel less intimidated. It may be your living room or your bedroom. starting from the least intimidating area will give you the boost and confidence to knock out harder once later. Start by doing small things like keeping things back in its place as soon as possible. Always leave the room with something in your hand so that you don't have to make another trip put things away.
Peter O.
You can start simply by the first messy or out of place thing that you see in front of you, and then just go from there.
Falco Y.
Trash and dirty dishes. It makes the most dramatic improvement on the space around you. Load up a sink to soak. Then spend 5 mins getting trash together and out of the house. Return to the dishes. Don't forget to put new bags in before you move on.
Melinda E.
Start where you are! Take 15 minutes to tidy the area around you. Then as you move throughout your day make it a habit to take a few minutes to tidy up the area around you, leaving it better than you found it.
Reinhold Q.
Your wardrobe. Remove all clothes that doesn’t fit or haven’t been used over two years. Sell, give to a friend or recycle them.
Jonas W.
Just start anything. Start by putting things at where they are supposed to be. As you continue, everything begins to take shape.
Monika O.
I start with the most obvious and gratifying things, such as taking out the trash if needed, making my bed, and picking up anything off the floor. Then I begin to do as much precise tidying that time will allow for at that given time/on that particular day: clean my makeup bag, color code something, or wipe down my surfaces. This way you’ll get the necessary cleaning done and get a few other bonus tidying decisions in the bag as well 🙂
Terra E.
A good place to start is right in front of you! This morning I was asking myself the same thing and then i realised there were dishes to put away and clean up – sitting in front of me on the kitchen bench! Hope this helps 🙂
Daisy C.
I always start small like if I’m cleaning my room I clean stuff off the floor maybe organize my clothes and be then you get motivated to do more things around the house
Morris P.
I usually start with my bedroom because that is my most cluttered room, it’s where I tend to dump things. I start with the biggest challenge and then the other rooms don’t seem so bad
Evelyn S.
I do a top to down and left to right approach. I follow some of the Marie Kondo principles (e.g., if I am dusting I do it in all rooms, if I am cleaning counters I do it in all rooms – and then when done start the next cleaning project.)
Ethel T.
I like to make a list of all the things I want to get done, then try to completely finish one task before moving onto the next. For instance: floors, counters, dishes, laundry, showers/tubs, toilets, dust, etc. I try to deep clean everything once a week and then I’ll do something small daily so the weekly cleaning isn’t super involved. Hope that helps!
Sheryl C.
What i would suggest is to start at something small like dusting then work you’re way up to mopping. start with okay today i’m going to clean my toilet. then maybe in a week or two it’s time to clean the bathroom itself
Sherry S.
Start with the easiest part, finish one part at a time, dont start at multiple parts at once. Small achievements always better, listen to music while working. Don't overdo the work.
Oswald Q.
Start in your room. For example start by your closet or your table and work yourself through your room until your happy how you cleaned it. Then go to a room which you use often. At least do the room you don’t use as often as the others.
Olga X.
I start in the bathroom, it’s the smallest space to get clean and that feels like an accomplishment! I move to the kitchen and living rooms focusing on only out of place items, like something in the living room that belongs in the kitchen, I still only put that item in the sink for the night though. The work room to room putting out of place things away like shoes and dirty clothes.
Dagmar C.
I have found that setting a timer for ten minutes and tidying (or cleaning) only that long is helpful. It is just long enough to make a noticeable difference but not so long that it becomes unnecessarily burdensome. Start once a day and gradually increase the number of times per day that you do this. The difference you see in your home is its own reward and is very motivating.
Danielle E.
I usually start with the bathroom or the kitchen, since messes are made more frequently there and there tends to be more to do in those areas.
Phillip N.
I think you should start with a place you visit each day, like a bathroom drawer or your closet full of clothes. Just stick to one thing a day, do not take up an entire room at one time. Just one drawer, or the hanging part of your closet. Good luck, you got this!
Chad Y.
Take everything that isn’t where it should be e.g. clothes on the floor, trash on your coffee table, old bills on the counter and put them into 2 piles: 1) things that will stay in your home, 2) things that will leave your home for good (trash, recycling, donations). Then go from there.
William G.
I would start with whatever area you’re in the most. Once you’re able to keep that clean, you can move on the next most used space.
Laura C.
Two steps. Step 1: Start by making a routine. Every time you walk into a room, bring something from that room to the room you are entering. Also set a 10 minute clean up time before bed every day. Clean for 10 minutes only.

Step 2: Don't create more mess! Put things back where they below immediately after you're done using it. Finish the task you're on completely before starting another.

BONUS: Look for ways to "Reduce Clutter". Remember this. Take an overall look at your surroundings. If you see clutter either rearrange it, fix it, remove it or toss it. Trust me you will live a better life.

Candice P.
I start in the kitchen as it is where my family spends the most time and tends to gather the most clutter. I then work my way out from there.
Mira X.
Start with the easiest part and then move bit by bit. I do 2 x 10 minutes. Kitchen / room important. Next day toilet and shower. So every day do something
Freja Y.
always start with the hard to reach or long-neglected places. once you're done cleaning and tidying up these places, progressively move on to other places that require less effort.
Kathy F.
I usually start by putting clothes and shoes away as that’s the easiest, least messy thing. It helps me feel like I’ve accomplished something
Deborah U.
Bathroom. Because after having shower, i feel fresh, so I can start to clean my house. Bathroom is the best choice at the moment after I have a shower
Hermann Josef Q.
When i have a free time and when i am stressed . I found that cleaning the house and personal space can help reduce my stress
T Mara Z.
Start with trash.
Remove big obstacles first to make your life easier.
Then put everything that doesn’t belong in the room in a basket.
Redistribute the items after.
Matt N.
Start in the place that will make you feel the best once you’ve seen it clean and organized. It will give you a motivational boost and you’ll be that much prepared to tackle something else next. Not to mention it’s a quick stress reliever.
Habacuque S.
I start with my bag. Cleaning out whatever got thrown in there at any point in the day doesn’t take long as a single chore but it’s just enough to get me going.
Bruce O.
Start in your bedroom, so even if you cannot do the whole house, your sleeping space will be ready. Then continue with the kitchen, the bathroom etc.
Ethan F.
What does “tidy up” mean to you? Define that first..then you will know what to do. For me the evening tasks are defined as:
No dirty dishes in sink
Scoop car litter box
Put out food for cat and fresh water
Turn back sheets on my bed
Spray lavender scented oil in air to relax
Lay out things for next day
Bob S.
I pick one room in the house and start with the obvious clutter. What can be thrown away? What needs a new home? What should I wipe down? Everything finds its place and trash gets thrown away.
Mathias X.
Start small and manageable. Like with this app, we all start by drinking water when we wake up, keep your cleaning aims small and achievable to begin with. When you’ve had a few days or a week of completing these tasks, you can start adding more things to the list.

An achievable quick tidy could include:

– Make bed (part of your FABULOUS morning schedule)
– Take all pots into kitchen
– Wash dishes
– Wipe table, worktops and hob
– Dirty laundry into basket
– Put load of washing on
– Wipe bathroom sink and bath/shower

Then as you get into a habit of ticking these things off, add these tasks:

Weekly – hoover downstairs, hoover upstairs, kitchen floor, toilet cleaner in loo

Alternate weeks: Dust (one week upstairs, the next week downstairs), change bed linen

Monthly: Clean windows, clean out fridge, clean bathroom

August W.
Start where it bothers you the most, that will give you motivation to keep going on the rest of it, and if you get cut short then at least you did the worst of it.
Felix G.
I start by putting on music first. It always motivates me. I move from top to bottom. My home is pretty open convent so first I go through each area and put things that don’t belong there in the right ‘area’. For example all dishes, cups, Tupperware goes to the kitchen, magazines to the living room, clothes/shoes to the bedroom. Then I soak the dishes while I clean off the highest surfaces. Counters, coffee table, bed, then floors!
Villads B.
Start in the living room then move to other rooms when you’re ready. Don’t stress to much about how everything “should” look. Make it look the way you want it to look.
Zachary S.
I start by clearing away the immediate clutter. Then I vacuum. That gets the room to a state that is clean enough to see more clearly what else needs to be done. Then I choose one thing to organize at a time and dust and deep clean as I go.
S Crates Y.
I always start cleaning in the room that makes me notice how badly the house needs cleaned. This could be the dishes, clothes in the bathroom, cups on the table by the couch.. really any area that makes it harder for me to do daily things. Tonight we spent 15 minutes moving all of Justines books out of the living room and it made the area look soo much better! Every day I just need to do a quick lap around the House an direction pick up the daily messes, if I do that, after awhile the clean will just happen. One of these days my hangers will get here and I’ll finally be able to put my clothes in the closet.
Hans Q.
I like to start in my bedroom. Only because I clean in the morning when I wake up.
I also clean and tidy in evening or at the end of work. So this can be my office or the kitchen and family room at home. Generally those are my daily keep clean areas. But I have my monthly deep clean everywhere which I see more of full day. Kind of thing.
Amelly Z.
I like starting with a room that I don't spend much time in. It usually needs less cleaning so once the task is accomplished, I can feel good and that feeling helps me tackle a larger task.
Taliciana S.
The best place to start for me is usually me and my immediate living space or bed room, once me and where I’m currently at is clean it allows my mind to completely leave the room and move on to the next
Holly J.
I start at the top and work my way down to the bottom of the house. So if any glasses and so on need taking down then I’m not walking up and down constantly
Laura T.
I find it always best to start in the bathroom. It's the most used room in the home, and also the smallest, so it should not be extremely hard to clean and then keep maintain.
It's the one place to seek peace and solitude- when you want a moment to be quiet and do breathing exercises, meditate, etc. – it's always best to do it in a clean space.
Joshua Z.
Start with the things that stand out. For example, a perfect start is to make the bed, which should be done every day to lock in your sense of accomplishment and commitment to yourself throughtout the day. Then any laundry on the floor, stacks of papers , jewelry laying around- put all of that away and off any surfaces. If you are really ambitious, the next thing would be to clean those surfaces, hence why we needed to get them cleared. The space should be at a neutral place free from clutter and any indication someone has disturbed the scene. Think of tidying up like youre staging the room for an airbnb guest. Xoxo
Universina Z.
I try to divide iT in really small tasks, write them down and get 2 done everyday. Something like that. ‘Do the dishes’, ‘put clean clothes in closet’. Small and doable tasks. Good luck!
Manuela Q.
The farthest room from the front door , why because you will always find it easier because you will find the least distraction to accomplish it , longest left undone and therefore the greatest reward as you feel you are catching up. Which in it being done will quickly lead to your doing a second room. Equals PROGRESS
Oliver B.
I start with the room that is hindering me the most. This room for me is my kitchen. I can’t stand a dirty and cluttered kitchen. I can say the same things about my bathroom. Today for instance my dishes were overflowing my sink space . So, you can imagine how I spent my 10 minutes of tidy-up time today. I cleaned my kitchen ! Pick a room ! Try it ! It made me feel good to have this 10 minutes of time to do something for myself. I often find myself jumping when people around me tell me to jump. I tend to forget about myself and my own living environment. And today I choose to put myself and my house first ! Try it !
Bessie U.
I pick one small thing I’ve been putting off- like washing Tupperware or cleaning the mirrors! Sometimes that’s all you need to get things going.
Claude C.
Problem areas are my kitchen, my desk, and occasionally laundry. Stay on top of laundry and dishes you you’re not overwhelmed
Jeffery Z.
I always first do my kitchen or bedroom. To me it’s the areas that become messy first. And in my bedroom I start with my bed and that area and after that my bathroom and then only my closet and whatever takes me out of the room. Whatever needs to leave the room I don’t take out while I am cleaning I just put it in a pile at the door and take it once I leave.
With my kitchen it’s the sink that I start with and then my fridge and once that is done the kitchen is normally under control.
Lillie F.
Just start. Some people like to go room by room but I work best under pressure, so overwhelming myself by taking everything out and putting it all on the floor works best for me. I can’t put it off either because I literally cannot use that room until it is all organized. I just start by asking myself questions like “do I REALLY need this?” “If it isn’t seasonal, Have I used this in the past few weeks?” I am also very money motivated so it helps for me to use the excuse to get rid of items that I can sell.
Bruce F.
Start small: pick one space to tidy up. I like to start with my most important places, like my desk. I divide every space into smaller pieces, so for my desk I’d clean up my papers and set them nicely in folders. I keep this up by making sure I tidying up every day for 8 minutes in the morning or whatever fits better in your schedule. It seems like 8 minutes isn’t a lot but once you start cleaning and set a timer, you will see you can get a lot organised within a short amount of time! Good luck
Zeljko C.
Start off with the place you believe is most challenging to clean and organize. And then do the second hardest after. This may seem strange but it is completely worth it. It means that every task following the one being done will get easier and easier. And you are getting closer to finishing everything after every task. Try also looking at organization/clean up hacks videos on YouTube for some inspiration. I recommend playing your favorite music that will get you in the right mood for cleaning! Not only will it help boost your mood, but will make cleaning fun and more enjoyable. Hope this helped!
Ella G.
I start with cleaning up any remaining dishes from the day. Next, I tidy up the living room. I wipe down the kitchen counters last. If a room has gotten messier than usual for some reason that day, then I focus more on that room.
Alfredo J.
I like to clean from top to bottom. First, I want to take care of all the items and knocks that aren’t in their right place and put them there. This declutters the “top layer” of your home’s surface.
Shane J.
I use a method called TOMM
It stands for the organised mum method. (Useful for anyone not just mums) It is essentially 30mins general tidy every day and 30 mins focus on one room a day. The method can be found using google on a blog!! It has helped me tremendously.
Loris Q.
I’d say start with the biggest task first. If you look at a take and you get overwhelmed, it might be because there is something big that is clouding your view. Example. Your room looks really dirty, but there is a gigantic blanket on the floor. All you have to do, is pick up that blanket and in .2 seconds, your room looks worlds better. That’s my advice!! Start with the big things and work your way down.
Margie G.
I like to tidy up the bedroom and bathroom. So, when I go back in the evening for bed it’s as beautiful as any vacation place I’ve ever been. I like to clean the kitchen and the kitchen floor to keep it always usable.
I use my robotic vacuum cleaners to vacuum four times a week so that keeps the dust down.
Since I’ve only lived here for a little more than two years, I’m just now feeling like this is home. I feel safe here. And it’s so natural and beautiful outside.
Alan S.
You should start be cleaning up all of the little things in the common areas that don't belong and the do a clean with chemicals. Do rooms and bathrooms last.
Ana Lle Y.
Start from the one that looks the least appealing , for example: the bathroom or the kitchen ; as they are the hardest to clean and are the most time consuming. Once you have finished cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen – give yourself a small treat to make you motivated for the other rooms. Once you have finished cleaning all the rooms – make sure you have a nice long rest ; you deserve it . Also remember to pace yourself when cleaning up as it not only has a better finished result but it also has a better effect on you as you won’t overtire yourself out or feel sluggish and then binge eat which then means you need to clean up again after that binge eating. Furthermore you will feel alot more happier when pacing yourself as it is a better accomplishment. Also remember to have fun cleaning up by putting some music on in the background or dance whilst mopping- it makes cleaning seem like less of a chore and makes you more motivated to finish cleaning up. This not only makes cleaning more fun but it also a good way to lose some calories.
I hope that helps and good luck cleaning.
Mary R.
Definitely the washrooms, the personal hygiene begins at these places n then bedrooms where we spent maximum time of ours. Lastly but not the least, living areas where we entertain guests n where some people eat food aka dining space. It's essential to keep food and eat it in a clean and sanitized space.
Miriam S.
I like to start with tidying each room and dusting while I move along. This prepares each room for the work of cleaning and while I am moving through each room, it also allows the dust to settle before I vacuum.

My next step is typicall washrooms. I will squirt the toilet with cleaner and let it soak, while I clean the sink, mirrors and bath tub/shower. I will finish the washroom with the inside then outside of the toilet.

Finally, I will vacuum each room and finish with a mop. I hope to get to a point where I can finish this in a few hours, instead of over the course of two days.

The trick for our house is to maintain a decent level of tidiness to help me move through the first steps quickly.

Vivan N.
When you want to clean and tidy your house, you should start in the messiest place ever. So therefore, you would have your mindset on cleaning the whole house and not having the other rooms looking undeasent.
Infante E.
I should start in my room with my laundry when I need to tidy up. I hate laundry the most and it always ends up being my largest task and I always make it last cuz I hate it.
Clayton U.
I work left to right around a room. Use a timer. If you are just tidying you should only be spending 10-15 minutes per room. In a pinch, do what I call the “major basics”. That is empty and fill dishwasher, empty bathroom trash, then take out house trash. This will give you some momentum and a nice sense of accomplishment.
Herman A.
Personally, I think the bedroom is the best. There’s nothing like looking into your room and seeing everything in its place, clean and clear floors and your bed all made up. It tends to give me a sense of accomplishment and almost subconsciously kickstarts my motivation to clean the rest of the house.
Gwendolyn Z.
Start anywhere you want. Just start! That’s a good start to start at. 😊
I just moved out and did general cleaning. It was massive. I realised a lot of areas I can improve upon. Cleaning windows is a good start. It gives you a whole lot different perspective on life. It does make a difference to have clean windows even though the chore is daunting for me.
Good luck!
Villads U.
Where do you feel a bit of tidiness would be most effective? I make sure to pick up the living room and kitchen. The living room is usually just straitening up and gathering toys and clothes so that I don’t have to stare at clutter in the space I spend the most time. The kitchen I pick up because my husband does all the cooking and it’s my contribution. It makes me feel good to know that I’ve helped him out with getting dinner started.
Regina Q.
I start with the things that get dirty daily; washing dishes, putting away clothes, straightening my bed. Then once those things are kept up then I’ll dig into other areas of the house; sorting, organizing, getting rid of things. Finally, if all those things are kept up then I’ll do spring cleaning type tasks; dusting corner, and washing windows, cleaning under furniture. Some things take more time than others so I let myself do short tasks on busy days and then try to set myself the longer tasks on days I have more time.
Lena C.
I would suggest to start with your personal space: your closet, your nightstand, your books or office room if you have one. Start with something small , but that can be seen after you are done.
Falko Y.
I would start in the places where you spend the most time, and where you spend your time meditating/journaling. You want those places to be like your mind, free from clutter and distraction!
Rosemary N.
I start with washing, drying and putting the dishes away. Next I get the coffee maker ready for the morning and wipe down the counters. It’s relaxing and in the morning when I wake up the kitchen is clean and I’m ready to start the day.
Ana S W.
I like starting with my bedroom because then when I have finished cleaning the kitchen/living room i have a nice clean space to go back to.
Logan E.
When you want to clean and tidy up your house, start from something you see right now: dirty clothes, empty bottle, etc. Then continue like that to every room, try to do 2 things at the same time: laundry and vacuum.
Caroline E.
I always start cleaning the kitchen…but now I don’t have house just a back pack and I like organize it every day separating dirty clothes from clean and fold sweaters and pants
Malou P.
I started by tidying my place for 10 minutes each night. I had the app set an alarm to remind me, and I get Alexa to play some fun music. It makes the time go quickly. I also turned off my tv right when the alarm went off so I wouldn’t go back to watching it afterwards. That way I could start getting ready for bed.
Carolyn U.
I start by making my tea so it can steep and be ready to drink when I am done tidying up. Then I put anything out of place, back into place. Dog toys back into the basket, dishes in dishwasher, keys onto key hook etc. Then with whatever time is remaining I do one bigger task such as water my plants, clean my bathroom mirror and counter or dust the living room. After that my time is up!
Tina X.
I like to break it up into tasks. I first grab a laundry hamper, grab all the dirty clothes, take to laundry room and start them. I then load the dish washer and start it. I do those two items first, because they can work on themselves while I move on to other chores. Next I do all trash. At this point I have done 3 easy chores that make a big impact. That gets me motivated to keep going!
Ambre Z.
Well I always start with something really small and the automatically the idea of your room tidy comes to my mind and sometimes I spend more than the 10 minutes i’ve Settle on my phone you just had to Star
Lynn P.
As I do it every morning for 15min, the house never gets messy. So I guess the daily regularity is the key, and the habit of putting things back in their place. I have place for everything in my home. My boss is not so orderly, so he labels every shelf and drawer to remind him where things belong.
Pearl J.
Start by just adding 10 minutes a day into your morning, afternoon, or evening ritual. By committing to cleaning a little bit at a time no matter what, it is easier to get the whole job done. Sometimes, when a task feels too difficult it is easier for us to convince ourselves we’ll get it done later. If you feel yourself falling into that trap, start the task in that exact moment!
Otac Lia F.
Start by decluttering everyday, then make a timetable to clean a space everyday such as the bathroom, the kitchen etc..

Spot clean as you go so that the spaces you’re not cleaning are still cleanish 🙂.

Isabete Q.
Start in the room you use the most; kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc; and work your way up from there. Try to break it up into tiny manageable chunks, like fifteen minutes at a time, to make it less overwhelming.
Caroline C.
I have had a good experience following Marie Kondo’s advice. She suggests starting by going through clothing. It helps to get rid of clothing you no longer want to wear.
Romeu Q.
The bedroom as it’s the easiest to do. I always have my clothes ready the night before so all there should be left is my bed to tidy.
Joachim X.
Start by tidying one small section per day. The trick is to always put things back where they were when you got them and then it stays tidy. Next thing you know you’ll have a really neat house!
Noa Z.
The kitchen is the soul of the house so it's best to start there. When the kitchen is tidy it's easier to think and function there and therefore cook and have food when hunger strikes. Once nourishment is taken care of then it's easier to tackle the rest of the house room by room.
L Rke P.
I always start in the kitchen moving in a clockwise motion in each room so I don’t feel overwhelmed. After the kitchen I do the living room. Once those are done, the rest is easy