How do you maintain a clean house when others in the household do not care or notice the mess?

Florestana B.
I still clean, but I try to get them to help. For example, you could persuade them with a reward for cleaning or if that doesn't work, turn on music or make fun games that involve or have something to do with cleaning. If you want to persuade them, try getting their favorite thing for them, like ice cream or maybe Starbucks. If they still do not want to help, try getting them to notice the mess or invite people over. Maybe they will see that a messy house is not a place for company and will want to help clean. If none of this works, still clean and do your part, but find your own ways to get them more involved with cleaning or look something up to help or guide you along the way to having a clean house with a not so organized living partner. Thanks for an opurtunity to respond! I hope you get your situation under control and good luck! Have a great day and don't forget to be kind! You got this!!!
Joanne P.
I would stay in constant communication about my expectations for specific people doing specific tasks, maybe even on specific days. If they don't then I wouldn't live with them. From toddlers to adults, everyone can clean something.
Erin T.
We try to have “clean up time” everyday. All of us stop what we are doing, set a timer and pick stuff up, put items away, or organize. We work together as a team. We help each other with putting items where they belong, like my daughter puts my shoes in my room or I will put my son’s coat in the closet. It isn’t perfect but saying that we are working together seems to help.
Anna F.
There's are two options: one they don't notice because it's a new thing. As in: you started yesterday or maybe the week before, and if you think about it how many times did you completly clean the house for it to be later the exact same mess. To them this is one of those times still. So give them sometime maybe a month or so.
After that it's second option: talk to them, be passionate about why you want to have a clean house, not why they can not put their shoes on the shoe rack. For the umpteenth time. Include them in your passion, most of the time people are happy to join or to make a bit more effort about it. But don't expect them to have the exact same passion as you do. Most importantly leave their place alone. It's theirs. Their room/desk/drawer. Don't try to clean those. Even if you want to be helpful.

P.s.: let the small things go. If they can not put the shoes back? Put them back yourself. Is it really worth the fight it will inevitably cause, if you ask everytime?

Tanesha N.
1) Make them accountable for the mess they are making. 2) And also communicate to them how uncomfortable the mess makes you feel. 3) Do your part in taking care of the mess.
Marie C.
I don't. I live alone because I can't stand to clean up after others. if I ever live with someone this will be a major issue : they'll have to be tidy because I'm not going to pick up after them.