How do you make sure to stay focus on organized and not get distracted?

Alexandra T.
When I find my mind getting distracted, I write down what's on my mind and then I refocus. It works very well with loose leaf paper. And then you're able to look back on it and see if it was important or not.

Erhard A.
Give yourself a quiet, clean, and calm (non-stimulating) environment. Prioritize your tasks. By cleaning off your desk before attempting to study, you will have less to work about or distract you, when the time to study arrives.

Benjamin Z.
Self awareness is key. Take several sessions to let yourself be distracted, but write everything down as it happens. Figure out what triggers the distraction and then replace your response with a more constructive one.

Florence T.
I set a small goal, like washing the dishes, even if I don't do anything else that day. I wash the dishes. Usually by the time I finish I remember what else I have to do – like laundry, sweeping, taking out the trash etc. All these tasks are for me the same area – cleaning. So if I do one I remember to do the others as well.

Janet F.
Keeping lists and setting a time frame to complete each task. Make sure the time frame is not too short or too long for the task in order to avoid feeling rushed or stressed. If you get interrupted or the schedule is thrown off take a moment and readjust the rest of your list accordingly and get back on track for your day!