How can I put this as a major priority? It’s so hard when I’m tried all the time.

Anna F.
Try little steps, and if that's not possible keep it on the same level.

You can also try motivation. Why do you want to achieve this and focus on that.

Desiree G.
Place your motivation or your tracker where you will see it immediately after you’re done doing a task or when you wake up first thing in the morning period. This way you are reminded as to the task at hand and what you will do next
Chelsea Z.
I know it can be difficult to maintain but I've found that when you push through the first week, it becomes second nature.
Keep going, your body and mind will adapt to the changes.
Astrid Z.
I’m going to assume you mean tired all the time and so that’s the question I’ll answer. Sorry if that assumption is incorrect.

I ALWAYS find time and energy for things that I have a passion for. I think finding this challenging and having no energy to do it is a part of a bigger problem. My advice is try to find the joy in things and that should bring about a second-wind. If the joy isn’t there- you’re not in the position you’re destined to be in.

Cle Patra O.
I started drinking water each morning and at the end of my challenge, I was drinking water all day long. I cut my carbs and sugar intake. That alone gives me energy and focus. I no longer have the 3 pm crash. At night I sleep better to wake up refreshed in the morning. I find myself not wanting any carbs or craving sugary snacks/ drinks. My energy level is way up and I am not tired all the time anymore. You got this, stay motivated and keep going!
Liam S.
Redirection. Keep redirecting yourself to the task and stop distractions. Just provide gentle reminders dont bé harsh on yourself