What’s a good way to avoid distractions while cleaning?

Anna U.
1) keep your goals small—break up big tasks into small chunks

2) before you start cleaning, write down your small-chunk cleaning list.

3) determine a reward system that will motivate you. Me? I like stickers. They work great for small-chunk tasks. For bigger tasks, I reward myself with badges (pins that I can put on my Jean jacket). For getting EVERYTHING DONE… I’m not sure, but I think a trip to Hawaii would be good.

4) visualize the outcome of your efforts and how good it will feel to have accomplished something and completed your task, however small. Think about this while you’re cleaning.

5) put your phone in the basement or in your car or put it on airplane mode or just TURN IT OFF. Whatever it is that the phone wants can wait 20-30 minutes while you finish what you’re doing

6) give yourself a time limit. Clean like mad for 15-25 minutes and then rest (and hydrate). You’ve earned a moment to pause and thank yourself for your hard work.

7) take a moment to appreciate your progress when you finish. Take a before and after photo so that you can see what you have accomplished.

8) do your cleaning with intention and practice mindfulness while tidying up. Think about everything having its own place/home. You are restoring harmony to your home. Keep that goodness in mind as you work.


Sibille T.
Book on tape. A book i know so i dont get destracted. It engages the brain but allows you to have your hands free. Plus you can pop on head phones and it acts a blinders.
Nanci R.
Put a timer – 15 minutes – 30 minutes. Then listen to a podcast or your favorite audio book or music. Cleaning is mindless sometimes. It’s my favorite time to catch up on my podcasts.
Nadeen R.
Put your phone on silent/ do not disturb me mood and put on some nice hyping playlist that’ll just keep you going and prevent you from setting down every 10 minutes or make you feel bored.