What is a good way to keep a space clean and how should ai maintain a healthy care routine? I tend to forget to help myself cuz of all the things Im doing but I need to help myself but how do I start?

Kathleen N.
Try to do one thing per day to clean your space (I.e. wipe down a dresser, pick up clothes, make your bed, etc). In addition, use the trick of cleaning for 5 minutes, taking a break and then starting over again. This helps you not get burned out as quickly when it comes to cleaning. Listen to your favorite music while doing it- this helps any boring/ hard to get through chore. You could also use the trick of cleaning everything off your floor, taking a break, cleaning everything off countertops,
Taking a break, and then continuing from there. Hope this helps!
Rinad N.
I usually have a screen time where I will have a certain amount of hours and time to be on my phone, Then I would add reminders and alarms to remind me to achieve things throughout the day like cleaning and ex cerise and doing healthy things, I hope this helps
Izzy O.
I usually put a alarm in my phone to remember myself to take a break while I working, that way I tend to don't overwork myself. In days that taking care of myself is harder, I use the alarm method for everything, is like having someone saying that I need to eat or clean or take a shower.
Logan A.
first of all we should love Ourselves and make a healthy routine which gives us a healthy life. healthy care routine is all about taking care of ourselves we should do our skincare routine daily eat healthy things and care less about our problems be more attentive in every situation . work hard do chores and make a aesthetic routine don't worry a lot about your problems just discuss it simply. give your time the most to focus on LIFE. LIFE IS GREAT IF YOU DON'T TAKE IT AS "NOT GREAT"!! ❤ GIVE YOURSELF SOME FREAKING TIMEE!! 🟢
Heini Z.
Put the stuff you need to clean or do for your routine in an obvious place so you will be reminded of it constantly. And don't make cleaning a chore cause it s supposed to help you and when you keep forcing yourself when you're not doing well. But if you can try to clean stuff up immediately after using instead of think: 'oh, I'll just do that later.'
Wendi Y.
Tidying up for 15min before bed and running the dishwasher at night is super helpful. Also, purging sections of the house continuously has helped me tons – when the unnecessary clutter is gone, it’s easier to maintain. Hope this helps!
Katherine R.
Well, I have 1 hour a day dedicated to cleaning up. It’s what I do pre-dinner time. My day is divided into routines; morning, afternoon, evening with Pre-dinner routine. In the morning the 1st thing I do before leaving my bedroom is make my bed. After I have my coffee, I grab my wireless Dyson vac cleaner which is the easiest to use and I vac the house. I have 3 dogs and a cat so I do this every morning. The next time I clean is for an hour pre dinner. I chose pre-dinner just to tidy up and make it smell clean before sitting down to a nice meal. This is when I will light candles for an added nice aroma. During that hour is when I do other tidying tasks like; washing the floors, windexing windows, folding laundry that I did while I was doing my morning routine. Cleaning a bathroom, dusting, wiping out the inside of the fridge, cleaning appliances, changing the bed sheets or whatever I think needs to be cleaned the most that day. I never go over an hour and some days I don’t need to spend an hour. Often days will just be spot cleaning. I make sure that there are no dirty dishes left in the sink and stack the dishwasher after every use of a dish. If it’s full by bedtime I start the dishwasher. So during that hour I might have fishes to put away and after dinner is usually the last stacking of the day into the dishwasher.
سوس ۦ، N.
I think that this helps greatly in mental health, and as our Holy Prophet Muhammad said, “Cleanliness is part of faith, a clean and tidy atmosphere, a smart smell, a good back, all of this plays a big role in your mental health, a What helps the most is arranging your time and priorities and if you start with something nice small like this step by step you will feel so much better
Ad O A.
Just start doing one only thing each day, at the beginning won't seem like you're doing much, but keep doing it you'll see the difference. Also doing one thing each day won't cost you much effort, so you're more likely to do so instead of doing more tasks all together. This is what works better for me, hope it'll help 🙂
Freddie F.
BRACELETS! Use ones you have or buy new ones and loop a key ring onto it and one of those key-tag labels for any daily tasks you want to get done at "some point" in the day. It jangles and reminds you of stuff you have to do but isn't a massive hindrance. Put them on in the morning, and take them off as you complete tasks.
Cookie W.
For the first question, throw out ABUNCHH of clutter,, sometimes you have to let things go, you'll get new things someday.