Does your room often stay clean when this habbit is in use?

Violet O.
Im typically an over cleaning person anyway, so whether I have that habit on or not doesnt affect my already habit of clean. During the work week I keep things tidy….most of the time. So on my weekend I set aside 1 day usually Sat to do my major cleaning, like the bathroom, washing floors ect.

Gabriel S.
Hello stranger to answer your question my room usually is clean but using this habit makes me make sure it stays clean and doesn’t get dirty. So in a short answer yes my room does stay clean when this habit is in use . I hope you could understand. Have a nice rest of the day.

Janet Z.
Yes, I’m a naturally a tidy person but by mid afternoon / early evening I normally let things slide. Since I’ve been using this app I find I’m much more productive around the house so everything is in much better order. Less work to do with each passing day!! Win win.