Hello so I have a question when you are using this habit has it helped you with keeping your room or has your room stayed the same.

Bella N.
It has helped me keep my room clean sending me reminders, and also it looks so different now…it’s actually clean!!!

I now have a cleaner and better house you just need reminders and determination

Dora C.
If you're talking about the cleaning habbit it definitely helped because my room is constantly a mess and its nice to at least clean a bit.
Suzimara S.
Yes, it definitely helpes me with keeping my room clean. 10 minutes a day doesn't seem like much, but when you look at a weeks progres, then you see a difference.
Hans Martin C.
This program has helped me keep my room clean … I used to have problems with this part you are talking about, but nevertheless this process in the morning routine of this program has helped me a lot.
Carly R.
It helps me since I can have 10 min to clean my room and then you just pick one spot thats messy and boom 10 min finished.
Sophia T.
personally, my room was really messy, so i just clean 10mins a day and it’s definitely looking better but it’s not 100% clean yet. i think once it gets to that point though it’ll stay clean. i also started this like two days ago so i’m pretty new to this. good luck!:))
Sonia O.
Yes, 10 minutes is a perfect short time to get my room tidy without losing focus, and wake up to a clean space! Of course, this is only my 4th day of this task, so we’ll see how it goes
Efrosini P.
Well to be honest I love to have a clean space but sometimes if you don’t feel like cleaning your room is totally fine . If you are bored you can just tidy things up like your clothes or books or other stuff that you might have in your room just to make space you don’t need to make your bed every single day but when you have a clean you have the chance to be more comfortable in it . As for the habit on the fabulous app it just helps you like as a reminder the choice to clean or not to clean your room is simply yours .
Julia U.
It's worked pretty well for me. If my room is pretty messy, it takes maybe a week of 10 minutes a day for it to be clean. I use the 10 minutes to fold and put away laundry that I have lying around, watch plates beside my bed, throw away trash, etc and it really helps. Once I get it to a clean state, it usually only takes me 5 minutes at the end of the day to tidy any mess from that day
Alessandra Q.
Of course this is helping me, I'm starting feeling better from today, making habits little by little, step by step. My room is starting to seem a real room finally!
Idaira Z.
Hi, so I clean my room before I go to sleep so I can have a clean and tidy room for the next day. It doesn't tend to stay clean all day but it makes it easier keeping it organised and tidy throughout the day. Once a day, quick tidy everyday will make your life so much easier I find. Hope this helps
Eta O.
It has actually transformed me into a whole different person. A person who has been grateful and also forgiving as well. Through the past few weeks, I have been into a very dark hole, due to my relationships i had. With this fabulous app that I found on instagram, it has opened my eyes to the wonders of Life. There is more to Life than being in the dark hole all the time.
So thank you for helping me to be renewed and please continue the work that You do xx
Meme N.
My living room, restroom, and kitchen stays clean. My room is clean too but my bed isn't always made up. Overall the app has helped me think about cleaning each day.