How do you maintain a cleaning routine?

Dani O.
To be able to make a positive change I need to be mindful every day to form the new habit. I wouldn’t let other people down so I should do the same for myself to show up.
Jacqueline Z.
It was hard to start. I won’t pretend that it wasn’t. I started by cleaning my room a little bit every day before getting dressed. As I walk around the house I grab things that need to go to the kitchen. I keep my living room organized even if everything isn’t picked up. I am kind to myself when I don’t have the energy to clean, but I still pick up after myself. I had to get comfortable with the idea that I was going to have to get up and put things away after they are used- even when I didn’t feel like it. But i always feel better after. My kitchen does not stay clean but I have committed to tidying my room every-ish morning and the living room every-ish night. I make my bed first thing and I keep my couch neat. This really helps the most.