How do you schedule cleaning into a busy life

Alarico E.
Well cleaning is not a chore for me usually when I am cleaning I collect my thoughts and also cleaning helps me become more productive

Daniell T.
As a mom we stress our selves out because we see our self as the caretaker, provider, teacher, and we are still students oueselfs (in a way). I try to teach my little ones they are responsible for their own belongings. I'm there teacher to teach them how to be on there own not someone they have to depend on to do everything they can already do for them selfs. So that helps with the mess on most days.

Clemens Z.
Focuse on the small tasks first which u can fit in to a busy schedule or after work then later on focus on the bigger ones I know that works for me after that just keep that space clean and u should be good to go hope I helped