What is your favorite area to keep clean in your home?

Judith Y.
My bedroom. I like it uncluttered and tidy
I always make my bed before I shower so when it gets to bedtime I have a crisp bed to crawl into. I like my room clean and tidy…especially when the evening sun hits it, it is the perfect place to be. I admit I let it slide sometimes but for some reason I seem to sleep better when it is just so. Plenty of light for when I need it but lamps for bedtime reading. NO tv…I got rid of it about 10 years ago and dint regret it. It is my calm place my little oasis
Christien I.
The kitchen. I like making sure it’s clean when I go to bed so that, when I wake up, I can have breakfast stress free in a clean kitchen.
Sezin X.
I’ve never tought about this. Maybe I should because I put pressure on myself to keep the whole apartment clean (and I never can). So let me say, it should be the living room because it’s where we spend most of our time.
William Y.
Kitchen, I think that the kitchen is the main focus in the home. When my kitchen is clean and organized I am more likely to want to spend more time in it and more likely to take the time to cook better for me and my family. When it's a mess or dirty and I just dont want to clean it i tend to either want to go out or just make something quick and easy.
Ian S.
I tidy little bits at a time when I pass by instead of trying to tackle it as a whole task. Organize your space so things are easier for you to put away, not where they're easiest to use.
Noah C.
Probably kitchen, because we will be moving soon and others rooms are full of stuff and there is nothing to do about it 😀