Who has tricks or advice on how to keep up with laundry?! Mostly the folding. I’ve struggled with this chore my whole life.

Nicklas Y.
I make Saturday the laundry day. I make sure I load the washer in the morning, transfer to the dryer at lunch or before, and pull it all out around afternoon or evening to fold. Watch YouTube videos for folding tips

Gregory S.
I totally get you on this. Life get crazy and busy. I try to do at least one load a day. I've rewarded myself with folding laundry while watching tv or by listening to pump up music and singing along.
When a chore seems daunting or overwhelming, I use the 20/10 method. Where you work on it for 20 minutes and then reward yourself with a 5-10 minute break.
I also find it helpful when using the 20/10 method. Sometimes, I'll move on to a different chore. Then come back to the laundry. Hope this helps! 😁