I struggle with staying organized and clean once I do all the work to get there! How can I make it more simple for someone who is busy and low motivated like me to stay on top of it?

Rosie N.
You can try to make cleaning fun and exciting by making it a game! If you live with someone and you’re close to them, you can set a timer for set amount of time and play some fun tunes and have a friendly cleaning competition. This can help you make cleaning fun, exciting, and it’s within a set amount of time so you can fit it in your schedule and it can help you motivate yourself to clean. You can also do this competition with yourself to see how fast you can clean a space. You got this!
Tiffany P.
I have found that the 10 minute tidy up task on Fabulous makes it easy to dedicate a little time a day to clean! You can set the reminder at whatever time works best for your schedule. I like to listen to the ambient music Fanulous has too. Makes it feel better to keep up with a little consistent cleaning! Hope this helps 🙂
Mariam F.
I've found that setting a few things to do in the morning automatically without thinking gets most of the load off. Afterwards, the little things throughout the day, are much easier to do them at once instead of saving it for later when you have the time or feel like it. I also read something that clicked with me. "Who told you that you need to 'feel' like doing something in order to do it?" I always feel demotivated and tired all the time. The autopilotting through works wonders.
Tony E.
Don't try to do everything at once. Set yourself small tasks regularly, like taking 5 minutes to wash up, or clean the kitchen surfaces. Try to do these at regular times (e.g. as soon as you finish eating, wash the dishes) and before you know it it will become a habit! Also, if there's something you need to do but you've been putting it off, as soon as you think about/remember it, just count to 3 and then do the thing. Chances are it won't be as bad as you expected, and you'll feel so relieved after it's done. Hope this helps! 🙂
Victoire T.
Yo te recomiendo que festejes cada uno de tus logros, tanto mejor si son pequeños. No esperes lograr grandes bios, “se hace camino andar”
Harley Z.
Reward yourself – I have clean & tidy up as part of my habit building, so whatever it is I want to do to relax, I won't do until I've spent at least 10 minutes just tidying up in a particular room. I find that once I've started, I'll end up adding things on; maybe some laundry, hoover more rooms, clean the downstairs toilet whilst the floor in the dining room dries. Before you know it, you'll be so pleased with yourself that going ahead and relaxing will feel so much sweeter. And on the days you only stick to 10 minutes, you've at least completed your task, somewhere is now cleaner than it was and that'll be reward enough.
Lindsey N.
Honestly I am the exact same way, the thing that has helped me the most is adding 10-15min cleaning/tidying sessions to my morning, night, and even afternoon routine. This works for me because I am able to live in my space during the day but still feel on top of the mess. For example if I take my sweater off I try to put it away but if I don’t I know I have time allotted to clean up those little things.
Katherine W.
I like to do "Just one thing" at task change. So for example, I will wash the dishes before I go to work, put them away when I get home, throw laundry on before bed and the next day put it in the dryer when I wake up to fold when I get home. Just one little thing anytime you change tasks adds up to 4-5 things per day!
Claire N.
I’ve found that setting little reminders and alerts on your phone for 5 minutes of cleanup each day helps keep things tidy. I’m not one who keeps my room organized on my own and the length of some tasks daunts me. 5 minutes gives me enough time to clean my bed, throw out trash, and organize my desk. Some days, like weekends, I devote to larger tasks like purging clothes and sanitation.
Nastya X.
Same problem , one way – is to make it harder to garbage up the place and easy to clean. Meaning : accessible trash bin , maybe a mini vacuum , less open spaces to just dump stuff on , containers ! and shelf’s – let things have their place if you can’t put it away in time. Also an open closet
Serenity B.
I find that a schedule of what you need to do each day works for me. I sometimes will carve out a time to accomplish that task such as when my daughter is napping and at the end of the day when all the kids are asleep. Try not to do everything all in one day because that can be overwhelming. Today you can clean bathrooms… tomorrow wash bedding…next day pick something to organize or deep clean and so on. Eventually it will become a habit if u keep up with it. Also take 30 minutes at night and do smaller cleaning like dishes, vacuum and tiding up. Its best to wake up to a clean house. Much less stressful for me.
Floyd J.
Staying clean with a busy schedule is so exhausting! I understand where you're coming from. For me, I've found that if I break cleaning projects up into smaller steps, my place stays a bit more tidy. For example, I have a relatively small space, so I break it down to sections of the room: corner by tv, bathroom, area around bed, area around kitchen appliances, etc. A little cleaning when I wake up, a little cleaning when I go to bed and I'm satisfied with the level of cleanliness my place is.
Krin P.
I find it helpful to take 10 minutes each day to tidy up. This way things can’t get too out of hand, you don’t get overwhelmed by an ever-growing mess, and you avoid feeling like a failure when things get out of control. Even something as small as taking the commercial breaks of your tv show to put a few things away can make a big difference. Waiting for water to boil for that pasta? Make sure all the dirty dishes have made it into the dishwasher.
Anna N.
Get rid of things regularly, don’t bring anything into the house, unless you get rid of something else. And make sure everything has a home. Every Sunday, we do “square-away day”… we go around the house and collect things that are out of place in a big bin. We sort, toss the garbage/broken, then put things we don’t need in the donation bin in the car and take it immediately to the donation center. Everything must have a home. The first time doing this is a little time consuming, but week after week it will get easier, because you have less. Also attack messes/laundry with shark bites, if it takes less than 2 min to complete, do it before you walk away!
Anna N.
I think, it's gets a lot easier if you try to focus on one area or thing you want to clean. Like on day one, you start by organising all the stuff laying on your desk. That's enough for one day. Take ten minutes for that and do as much on your desk as you can in those ten minutes. Go on like this for a few days – eventually, ten minutes become twelve or fifteen because you want to finish your tasks as you see how nice it feels to have everything clean.
I'm sure you can make it! 🙂
Sara Z.
You can organazie your cleaning in different day. For example, instead of clean evrey room of the house on Saturday, you may dedicate 15-30 minutes to clean a single room every day.
Luke T.
Setting aside a weekly or daily habit for organizing &cleaning can be helpful. For instance, Saturdays can be vacuuming and Sundays can be tidying closets.
Gloria U.
I have my friends came over surprisingly and oftenly so that I would make sure my room is always tidy enough to not embarrassed myself. Haha