How can I motivate myself to wash dishes? It’s a chore I absolutely detest!

Marinthe Q.
It can be really hard to motivate yourself, a good way to do this is by forming a habit. If you do this it'll take you much less energy and it will be way easier to start doing the dishes each day. For example, set an alarm at 1 pm to do your dishes from the whole day. For your dinner dishes you can just do it right after you finish eating without doing something else first. If that is still hard for you to stick to, you can also set an alarm for that. An extra option is to put a sticky note on the thing that distracts you the most from doing the dishes. If it's your phone, put a sticky note on it with "NO YOU, DO THE DISHES FIRST NOW! YOU GOT THIS!" for example. This way, when you're trying to escape from doing the dishes again, you'll remind yourself. If it's your TV distracting you from it, put the sticky note on the remote. Hope this helps you!
Julie B.
I totally get it! I’m improving especially if I have some hot soapy water in the sink before I start cooking, then it’s easier to wash as I go, which I’ve always struggled with. Alternatively, as soon as the meal is finished I try to go straight to the kitchen to wash up. However, I have definitely not achieved these consistently, and so a very important piece is to accept that I’m not doing this perfectly – self forgiveness and not being perfect, or aiming for perfection are key. I also have a dishwasher which is a game changer as a single mum. So I only have a few things to wash by hand. Keep the filter clean, top up with salt and rinse aid regularly and do an empty wash once a week and that all makes doing dishes much easier. (I also have FlyLady app which is great for keeping on top of chores, just don’t sign up for emails and take what you like from what she says, but she’s great re doing a good enough job and changing mindset – she says we hate chores because we were forced to do them when we were young.