Do you clean up after the adults in your house even though they are perfectly capable of cleaning up themselves?

Rosa X.
I clean my own room. And the bathroom. My brother cleans his room and the other bathroom. We share doing the dishes. And my parents do the other cleaning then sometimes ask us to help tho. Maybe u guys should create a cleaning schedule. Everyone should have equal cleaning. Hope that answers your question.
Benjamin J.
Normally, I would say no. But, lately, I have been. I live alone with my grandparents who are both still working and physically able. My grandma has an excuse not to clean as much since she works all day cleaning for the elderly and physically/mentally impaired, but my grandpa is home the whole time she's at work, but he's notorious for not cleaning up his messes or listening to a single thing my grandma says. As it is, I'm the main reason the kitchen ever gets clean, anymore. My grandma does help, though.