How long should I spend on cleaning?

Tara I.
10-15 minutes for just tidy up your room, put things back to the place where you take from
1-2 hours if you want to clean and throw your things
Mop and sweep the floor
Throw things that you don't need to have a clean room
Nicole O.
It depends what you mean by cleaning to be honest. If you mean surfaces, like in your bathroom and kitchen, then I would take my time to make sure there is no visible dirt on them and I would adhere to the instructions on the cleaning products I am using. I am not sure on how regularly you should clean them, I'd have to search that one up. But, if a surface or anything is visibly clear of dirt and your cleaning out of worry then it probably doesn't need to be cleaned anymore. Unless of course it's a toilet handle or handles in general, finger germs are nasty and you can't see them! Sorry if this isn't helpful, I recommend using the internet for this one.
Judith Z.
I think if you clean a little bit every day, it doesn’t take very long. If you get in the habit of wiping things down every day or every other day, it only takes minutes. If you only wipe things done weekly or monthly it requires so much more time and effort.
Lilli N.
Truthfully it depends on the person. I tend to be a fairly clean person so I only have to Pick up a few things. But a little at a time is a good start.
Mago Q.
Depends on what you have to do really, if I havnt cleaned my room in like a month it will take me about an hour or two. But to be honest I say clean until you feel that you have done a lot for the time you spent. Take a break, then get back to it later or the next day. Unless it's a small thing like cleaning off a desk or counter of some kind, just get it done and you'll be good.
Lilou Y.
It depend the room. For example, for a bedroom, you can spend like 10 minutes to clean everything you can. Something can motivate you: put a Playlist you enjoy and start! You will see it's perfect!
Brandy C.
I think getting cleaning into your daily schedule is the most important thing. For me I sweep everyday(there’s always something) and during weekend organize my items. So probably 15 min every weekday then 30-45 mins during weekends