Have you tried to split your space in cleaning areas and clean up on area per day?

Andrew F.
I have focused on specific areas at a time. I also have a goal of cleared surfaces which helps me keep things tidy. I especially want the kitchen island completely bare.
Hope X.
Yes, absolutely. I take a look at things in my room and decide which part of it need cleaning more, my desk, bed or wardrobe etc
Jordan W.
Yes of course I have, I like to do my room one day and the kitchen another and then the living room. It’s not about rushing it’s all about what makes you happy and not pushing yourself or myslef to hard.
Mpumelelo F.
No I haven't..because i only really have one major space to clean wich is my room..I cleaned it 2 days ago and I'm really proud of myself because it was a huge mess..But i think split cleaning and cleaning an area each day could make it easier in the long run😁👍🏾
Janice G.
No, interesting idea. I usually have to feel motivated to clean an entire space or room, otherwise I don't, which impacts my productivity. I just cannot function in a messy environment, which is ironic since my room is usually a mess.
Zeynep E.
I'll will start to clean a different room each day so that the whole house is always clean that way the house will always be clean
Seth G.
Yes ,you see the trick is making a greater task look smaller which will allow the task to be completed easily and faster
Lance J.
I do sometimes. Other times i just grab what i like to call a "junk basket" to quickly reduce all the clutter (and stress that comes with it) and then when i am ready I do a full house cleaning. Which normally begins with sorting out the rubbermaid bin I filled prior. The baskets help for a quick anxiety fix and also give a sense of accomplishment when the house is suddenly cleared or the basket gets emptied.

Generally more personal areas like my bedroom and bathroom get done on their own time separately as they generally need more sorting than cleaning.

Ingetraud F.
Yes. I'm doing that currently. As an autistic person, I need that kind of motivation to clean. I pretend it's a game, and it makes me more apt to clean.
Rubi Q.
I try to at least tidy up the kitchen and living room everyday. I do specific chores daily, but keep them small. Do the dishes everyday. Wash one small load of laundry everyday. Vacuum the living room everyday. Every now and then I dedicate the day to deep clean a single room.
Laura Z.
Tbh, not really. I'm on vacation right now, so there's nothing much to clean…well except for getting rid of bugs. Have a nice day, and thx
Andr A Q.
Sometimes yes, but I prefer for my whole house to be clean. Sometimes, I even would stay up late at night and deep clean my house on a school night, which really isn’t healthy. So now, I only deep clean on weekends and just straighten up throughout the week as I please. It’s all about finding a good, realistic routine and sticking with it.
B Ur Ri To N.
Whenever I clean I normally walk around and find something that needs to be cleaned. At the end of the week there isn’t that much left to clean, but I still try to find even a tiny spot to be cleaned. It’s not an organized way of cleaning, but I clean the areas I use the most so that I can feel more productive. The areas I don’t use are normally clean for a long time, but if I do use them then i would clean them.
Stefanie N.
Yes, it's nice to split up cleaning into small little projects around the house so you don't get overwhelmed by one big project.
Alyson O.
I have heard this and I have heard to start one corner at a time so pretty much… yes! The trick is Remembering This and to not look at the WHOLE THING and Totally forget about the "one thing at a time" rule!
Vale P.
Hi! So, I usually do one week of deep cleaning (one room a day) every month more or less. Then I try to clean every time I use a room, so it will be easier and faster to clean every day. I take one hour a day to tidy and clean my house in general, but I try to not spend more than that time and be too precise, as I have my deep cleaning days scheduled. I live in my house and I want to dedicate my time to other important things, so if it's messy sometimes it's ok!
Sophie U.
i used to do this before i got fabulous and started cleaning my room routinely. back then my room got so messy i absolutely HAD to do it in sections. but, you could also do this if you like a steady pace. when i started using fabulous “cleaning my space” became a habit included in all 3 of my routines, which may help you to clean each day!
Larissa S.
I cleaned up so mamy things. I'm happy I did it but my Room is not Perfectu clean yet. On vacation im going to change my Room. That will be a big change 🙂
Amalie W.
No I haven't tried that. We normally clean home all in once. But it might be a good idea to split it into zones and clean one a day.
Mathis F.
I have plans to do one room per day in my house. Once I am done with generic cleaning I am planning to move to file loose papers bill documents mails ect and do some paring down in that area.
Tony N.
I have not. Sometimes i feel more productive so I clean my whole room, but sometimes I don't so I just clean my clothes, or the mess on my table.
Saadiqah U.
I have thought of that but as soon as I clean one place mess another. I'm constancy clearing my room but its so full. I dont know how I'm I going to help with that becouse o dont want to throw anything out
Samaria O.
No I haven’t I’ve just hit the problem areas I see everyday, but that method sounds rather effective and I’m open to trying it
Alberto G.
I do split my space but in a different way. I sort it by colors, I clean up red the first day and all the way until the end of the rainbow. You can add more colors like black,pink, brown, any colors that you want. I hope this helps! Stay fabulous!
Kristina N.
I am cleaning the house per section ,living room ,beedrooms,kitchen,dining in one day and i tend to split the area whenever I'm cleaning if i was doing a general cleaning
Fran N.
That sounds like a really interesting way of cleaning! But I usually just get it all out of the way in one day. I do split up which spaces I’m cleaning first, though, and I think it’s great
Mpumelelo F.
No i haven't..because usually I only have on major space to clean wich is my room..I cleaned it 2days ago and I'm really proud of myself because it was a huge mess..My goal now is just to keep it as clean as it is right now..But I'll try to split my cleaning around the house more often😁👍🏾
Eva C.
I do little cleaning while I make my breakfast, like cleaning the stuff that was left after dinner if something is left.
I do kitchen a bit daily, try also clearing your bedside table or coffeetable when you're on a break.
Bigger cleaning, like floors and office I do on Saturday. And that litttle tidying up during the week helps a lot, as you don't have a huge mess till Saturday.💪🏼
Charline N.
I usually keep my trash compacted in the bin or in a bag so when it comes to “cleaning my room” it’s mostly just cleaning the gpigs cage
Paige U.
I've not tried this, but in my opinion that would make even more troubles, however it depends on specific area you're cleaning
Holly N.
No. I feel pressurised by it even more when im stressed so to calm me down, I tidy my room all at once then after that I do some yoga!
Emilia E.
Well, I don't have much space. My bedroom is fairly small, so the mess can pile up in a short amount of time. What I like to do is clean up a bit before I go to sleep, that way my room never gets that messy to fully clean.
Mhadz T.
Definitely, having tight schedule for work and school need to split up space area for cleaning to ensure that it’s going to happen.
Jeanne W.
3 main 'chore' areas. Bedroom n bathroom, kitchen n dining n living room. Laundry/basement. Most are done Tuesday and Wednesday to coordinate with garbage day. Have 2 hours of help on Wednesday because if physical limitations. The rest of the time is try n keep things straight.
Alexandra P.
I have been doing the cleaning and clearing my space part the days i feel like it, maybe on a sunday i give my self a day to relax
Brooke N.
I typically do a whole house clean on the weekends. So bathroom, kitchen, new bedding, floors, and dusting. I break this up over Saturday and Sunday. It’s typically not too unbearable because each evening I do a quick 10 minute spot clean. I make sure dishes are in the dishwasher, any clutter is off the counters, blankets are in the basket in the living room, and I run a disinfectant wipe across the bathroom sinks and toilet seats/handles. I wipe any toothpaste blobs out of the sink and call it a night. I do vacuum twice a week because I have pups! My son has a couple simple chores each day: dirty clothes in hamper, make bed, all dishes in sink, anything you don’t want to become a dog toy needs to be off the floor and put back where it belongs. These simple have made my life so much easier! Hope this helps!