How to get rid of mold in the closet?

Mark P.
spray bleach. Mould is from damp tho. if it's on the clothes wash them. Mould spots can be hard to get of tho. you can get these things from the pound shop that absorbed the water out of the atmosphere. if it's like a let that not being used try not to leave anything behind that you value. What about those storage bags that you can suck the air out? For storing? ',This house it always mouldy I dont use the heating enough to dry the air out. we did used to use those bags tho to store stuff under the bed or in the attic. you suck out the air with a hover but I imagine a wizard could make one with a foot pump in it?
Rico N.
Call a professional cleaning company such as Service Master. If it’s just a wee bit, you may try to bleach it but mold can be very dangerous some can’t be remedied.