Is it better to clean alone or together with someone else?

Hedva W.
for me personally, i would rather clean everything all by myself because it makes me more feel organized. but i like getting help too, so it wouldn't make me feel more exhausted
Kali W.
I must say that cleaning by your self or cleaning with others is a personal preference. But, I can share a few things with you to see which one you would prefer. Working by yourself gives you more you time and helps you be more productive because you have no distractions from other people. Although if you like having someone there to talk to, working with someone else would help the time go by faster. I hope this helps answer your question, have a great day! 😊
Unisha W.
If there is a large area then I want them to clean with someone 😜 but if the area where I should clean is little then I want to do myself. And one thing, I want to clean my bedroom myself even it is too large but talking about others place like garden,I want someone to do withe😜♥️♥️
Littlemissdeadcutie N.
I think both because…
1. When your doing it alone it gives you time to do things around the house even if it’s not a huge mess.
2. If it’s a huge mess, you can never get anything done by yourself and it stresses you out. So if you live with someone like with a partner or family member, it’s best to get help from them helping you around the house.