I can get pretty much everything clean but I struggle with folding and putting away my Landry any advice ?

Alicia Z.
We have the same issue but what I have recognized is that if I force myself to do it weekly, it becomes less of a burden. Plus the room stays organized for a longer period of time, which lends to a healthier mindset.
Hannah X.
I whack some of my favourite uplifting music on when I do it and have a dance about as I do it. I also try here n there thinking about when I got such an item or a memory of where I’ve worn it.
Riya N.
What I often find is helpful is I separate all my clothes into piles and then fold each pile at a time put one pile away at a time. That way you can also figure out along the way if you need to throw away any dirty clothes
Naomi X.
I choose to pull out each load from the dryer and lay it out on my bed. Get it ready for hanging and putting it away. Now!! I lay it out on my bed to make sure that I must put it away that very day!! How do I make sure of that you might be asking yourself!?! My husband and I have to sleep at night in the very bed that I lay all my laundry on!! So if we want to go to bed then I or we must put it up the same day. Also in return I get to go to bed with an accomplished attitude! I hope this has helped you!
Walter Q.
First of all, forgive yourself for not doing it. Secondly, reflect on the emotions that flow through you or get stuck when you either do, or think about doing your laundry. Third, recognize how the things you do make you feel, and take responsibility for your feelings. Meditate on where those feelings come from, and work through those emotions, and realize that not doing the laundry is only a symptom of deeper rooted unresolved emotions. Look at your beliefs about doing the laundry, and what it represents to you. What does it mean to do the laundry? What are the good things that happen if you fold your laundry? What happens if you don't? Examine your beliefs about laundry and how those beliefs are responsible for making you feel avoidant, and reprogram them with new beliefs based on true facts based on your pros list your created earlier. Lastly, best of luck and know that you're capable of overcoming this obstacle.