How you feel after cleaning your room ?

Jessica F.
I feel great. Being in a cleaner space makes a huge difference in my mental health. I'm more clear headed, and feel less overwhelmed.
Jocelyn B.
After cleaning my room I feel like a brand new person and I feel like it’s a fresh new day and makes me feel happy that I had taken a time in my day to be proud of myself.
Marrissa C.
I feel like I'm in a better metal state. Ifnmy mind is cluttered and my he everything feels more chaotic. But becuase I'm living in a more clean and organized state, I feel alot better.!
Elijah A.
There truly is nothing I love more than the feeling of my space being clean and organized. It allows my mind to think about other things.
소희정 N.
It made me feel productive and clean also it gives me inspiration to do work , when it’s messy i feel lazy but when it’s clean i feel happy and inspired