What’s your favorite organizing hack or unique container?

Rh P.
Empty glass bottles and kitchen wrap rolls are piled and kept in cardboard boxes reused from online shopping. The boxes are align under the kitchen sink.

Plastic bags are reused. Each individual bag is folded into triangle shape and they are sorted by size to keep in different boxes for later use.

This is intriguing and kept me thinking what I did. I just realized that I am not a good organizer. I clean mostly by throwing away stuff that no longer serves. Thanks for raising this question.

Ram Nas A.
The best organizing hack is to put all unnecessary stuff that needs to be thrown away, given away or sold into temporary recycle bin.
Landon Z.
my favorite hack is to plan everything out monthly and daily by writing it down. doesn't matter if the task is only to "take out the trash", it keeps me from forgetting what I have to do. it is also very pleasant to cross out something you've accomplished, makes you feel productive. could be on a planner or even post it's; anything that's visual for you to not forget about it. also keeping a tidy desk motivates you to do stuff!!
Krisanne M.
I don’t think I have one … but if I do, it seems I have yet not noticed it and labelled it as so!
Something to think, notice, pickup and Mark as a Goal to follow 🙌🏻👍🏻👏🏻💖
Julia N.
My favorite organization containers are anything i can repurpose. I use plastic bags, braid them and shape them into baskets or boxes, repurposed amazon boxes that we paint or decorate, old glass jars from salsa, pickles whatever decorate those with paint nail polish or hot glue. It saves money and makes for unique home decor.