What dont you like about “cleaning”?

Sascha T.
I actually really like cleaning; it's kind of therapeutic for me. The only thing I honestly despise about cleaning is the fact that unless you're super organized, you have to clean over and over and over again. I wish I could clean and have it stay that way for a week, maybe even three days would be good!

Margot X.
it takes sooooo long, but I find listing to music while cleaning is acually fun, I don't struggle with trying to make myself clean anything

Efrosini P.
Well to be honest for some people cleaning seems like a chore something that is not worth doing! But if you change a little bit your point of view you can see that by cleaning your space you feel healthier more productive and you get rid of all that dirt that it might bring bugs in the room or the weird smell that you might not realize sometimes. Also when we say cleaning it doesn’t mean that you have to mop and sweep your home everyday just tidy up your clothes , open the widows for some fresh air and everyday clean a small part of your space . Sometimes if you put on some music or a podcast is a lot easier to clean and do it only for you . If you just for you to feel good then it will be an everyday activity for you .

Eugenie N.
i like to get everhthing clean and organize. But I don’t like jt that really quicklh it gets messy again and then it feels like it is all for nothing

Hedra F.
I don’t really like cleaning because normally I don’t get encouraged to clean often, and it’s really dirty and dusty. I like a clean and tidy environment, except my house is NEVER like that.