What is your favorite area to clean? Least favorite?

Fabio Q.
I love cleaning the bathroom! The tiles look so shiny and all the smells make it feel so fresh.
My least favourite room to clean would be my bedroom as I never know where to start! However once it’s done it is nice to sleep in a fresh, tidy room and wake up in one too
Ella C.
My favorite area to clean is my closet — which is good considering it gets out of control basically everyday! My least favorite is the living room because I have two kids that make a mess of the living room every hour… luckily they like to help. Although a lot of that help is more like “help” if you get what I mean.
Sydney P.
My favorite is my bedroom because i jam out to a playlist and it makes me feel more comfortable in my safe space. My least favorite is the kitchen. It feels like everything I clean, five seconds later it’s a bigger mess.
Albert U.
My favorite is tidying up the den. It's easy, and makes a big difference. Dishes are my least favorite for the same reasons. It's hard, and doesn't make as much of a difference to the apppearance of the house.
Elisa N.
My favorite area to clean is my room. I consider my room to be “my environment” and “my productive space” so when I’m able to take care of my environment it makes me feel at peace. I don’t have a TV in my room because I believe that limits my productivity and I really like my room to be my safe place and an area to unplug. I don’t like cleaning my restroom. I tend to leave things out and always be on the go so I’ll leave laundry and hair products out and various little trinkets that can be time consuming to make space for again. If I try putting things back right away and taking my clothes out before stepping out bathroom clean up could probably be easier.
Frederikke Z.
The bathroom. Its a place of clean and therefor its essential thats its clean. Its important that i have a space i want to stay present about my health care routine. If i don't wanna have an nice environment i wont wanna look after myself.
Lindsay C.
Favorite is the bathroom because there's not a lot of stuff…. I hate folding clothes and organizing things… least fave is the kitchen hands down
Laurenn O.
My Favourite area to clean is my kitchen. I love doing the dishes and cleaning the sides until they sparkle and my least favourite would have to be hoovering the front living room, as this has to be done a few times a day.
Breanne X.
I love to declutter my entire house when I get the chance. Sometimes just getting rid of junk that serves me no purpose anymore makes a huge difference in a space! I really dislike cleaning the bathrooms.
Alberto Q.
Kitchen is my favourite place to clean. It is the best place to be in as it makes me comfortable and i know as a medical graduate how important it is to keep these clean. It is also an area that gets used the most in the house.

My least favourite is the bathroom. Not because i think it gross i don’t but because the stink of bleach and having to bend to wash the tub and the toilet just bothers me and my back. Bleach makes me cough quite badly and it irritates my throat and nose.

Harley Z.
My favourite area to clean is the Kitchen and Dining room as I spend most of my time here and always feel so much better if it is clear of clutter. My least favourite is the bedroom just because it is an awkward place to get around.
Lester U.
I like cleaning my work area. It helps me feel like I’m preparing for a productive day whether that day or tomorrow.

Least favorite is the bathroom. Enough said.

Jeanete N.
I've recently started living with housemates.

My room is now my favourite place to clean.

It makes me feel wonderful when I devote lots of time to make it extra clean and cosy.

I'd say the living room is the worst area to clean, due to the dust – cat hair buildup.

Reginald O.
My favourite area to clean is probably the kitchen, there is a place for everything and it’s really satisfying when it’s finished. My least favourite is probably my bedroom. I’ve recently moved house and still haven’t figured out where I want everything yet. It never seems to feel finished which makes me less keen to start it.
Aleksandra X.
No favourites. Hate everything about it xD washing dishes probably. The easiest is going round and hide stuff to places thy supposed to be.
Alina F.
I hate cleaning. I am not good at it. But most of all I hate cleaning toilets. I love my Dyson vacuum, so I guess I like vacuuming… 😅
Mya Y.
I like cleaning my desk/ vanity the best. I like to reorganize my makeup and look at what I have. Mu y makeup makes me happy. My least favorite thing to clean would be my clothes because I hate hanging them up
Ebony P.
I like cleaning cleaning gives me satisfaction and everything is always easy for me to clean as I clean I have big black sacks to declutter I am constantly throwing out stuff but I will store the black bags in my shed and after a year or two we will go threw the bags and it’s like xmas lol. But my favourite place to clean would be outside that’s where I get my most satisfaction being a single mum of 4 and spending a few hours outside tidying the section always makes me feel like it’s okay we got this we don’t need a man to look after us hahaha
Philip P.
Jag gillar att städa köket för mat är så viktigt. Jag gillar inte att städa sovrummet och det har jag ingen förklaring för varför.
Sarah P.
I hate doing dishes! Dishes and cleaning the kitchen counter. I don't know why actually. I'd rather clean the bathroom. My favorite is just putting toys away and doing laundry. I can zone out and listen to my book.
Oscar B.
My favorite area to clean has to be the kitchen or living room. The kitchen because it has to be done and it’s always rewarding. The living room is because the room is so open that it always looks better clean.

My least favorite is my bedroom. Mainly because I feel like I’m only in it for sleeping. It also just sucks to clean.

Megan O.
Both is bedroom. It is where everything lands but it is neat to find things that I was looking for or didn’t know/remember having.
Jenny Y.
The living room or laundry room. There's a bunch of small little things and some things have no home but also I don't want to throw it away cause it may be useful or it's an odd tool.
Yulia Q.
My most favorite place to clean is my large space areas. Make-up clean up is my favorite. My least favorite place to clean is inside my closets, drawers, and washing dishes. I like large moves, like mopping floors, vacuuming, organizing and putting things away. Small things like dusting, washing dishes, organizing small surfaces is more challenging
Leiliane Q.
My favourite area to clean would be my books. My books are my favourite things, I love to put them on my shelves and set them up how I like and make them look pretty. My least would be the kitchen. I just find it frustrating after I spend time cooking dinner, cleaning up after sometimes takes a lot of effort.
Maria J.
My favoritt area to clean is my schools lockerroom becuse it make me feel at home. It sounds weird I know, but since my class spend a lot of time training, we usally hang out there:)
I also love doing landary. It smell’s so good! And it’s an amazing satisfaccion when you are done washing all of the landery.
My least favoritt is cleaning the bathroom i feel really unclean after and It’s a boring place to clean…
Astrid Y.
The kitchen or living is my favourite, because that’s where I notice the biggest difference. I don’t really enjoy cleaning the bathroom because after a shower it already looks a mess again.
Eva T.
my favorite area to clean is in my house (or in my room specifically) because it feels safe, comfortable, and welcoming. i can relax with music while cleaning 🙂

my least favorite place to clean… the bathroom!!? lol it’s dirty and ew 🙁

Karissa I.
My favorite place to clean will probably have to be my floor area in my room. it’s nice to be able to see everything that needs to be cleaned laid out in one area. my least favorite place would probably have to be my bathroom. it requires a bit more work and can be gross to clean at times.
Claudia Z.
My favorite area to clean is my desk and vanity areas because they’re where I have the most creativity, self care, and productivity. The least favorite area I have to clean up is my closet and bathroom. They constantly get messy and it seems like a useless attempt to clean every time I start
Crispim I.
My favorite area to clean would have to be the bathroom. Its is somehow soothing to me. Hygiene is so important and making sure my and I have a clean area for our daily self care is very much satisfying.

For my least favorite area, it's not so much an area just an activity. Doing laundry is my least favorite part of cleaning. More just the whole process of folding and putting away.

Jeff J.
Probably the kitchen as it always looks better and I spend alot of time there.
The least favourite is the bathroom, its alot of work for a small space.
Harshita P.
My kitchen. Due to lack of proper segregation and space my kitchen get cluttered easily and washing utensils leads to water clogging thus, fear of germs.
In order to prevent health issues, I have to clean my kitchen thrice in a day and that’s a tasking job.
Han N.
My least favorite place to clean is my closet. I don’t have a dresser so I have to hang up all my clothes and I think it takes longer to finish rather than just folding them. It’s also pretty small so it’s hard to organize it efficiently.
Kelly Z.
My favorite area to clean is the living and dining room areas in my house. It's where I welcome my visitors, so having a tidy area that looks warm and inviting is important to me. My least favorite area to clean is the bathroom, especially the shower.
Hannah N.
fave area to clean is probs my bedroom bc that’s like my space and then it’s all nice and shiny when i’m in there, least fave would probs be like my sisters room or anywhere downstairs bc the basement gives me the creeps
Jessi Y.
Favorite area is the living room and bedrooms. Least favorite is the kitchen and bathroom. I have to be up for the task of scrubbing…
Re Nee A.
My favorite place to clean is my room and bathroom. Because then after all is said and done I can enjoy it. The satisfaction of the hard work I put in it is satisfactory for me. 🙂
Bastien Y.
My favourite area to clean its the kitchen. A sparkling clean sink area without dishes in/ around it is refreshing and satisfactory.
My least favorite area to clean is… the bathroom.
Niousha A.
My bag is mostly full of junk, lol! So that would be the first place I choose to clean. Other than that my desk in my room get untidy in a blink of an eye. So that would be second place I choose to clean.
Sunshine N.
Depends on which room is cluttered the most lol, my least favorite is usually the living room or dining room because as soon as I clean those areas somebodyyyy throws stuff everywhere again. Most favorite is probably the bedrooms cuz they’re just a lot easier to keep control of and keep clean.
Amanda B.
I enjoy cleaning the bathroom, I get great satisfaction from the gleam and a favourite of mine is organising the towels, so when you reach for them they’re all fluffy and ready to go. The least don’t know why but I detest skirting boards, they just annoy me really annoy me.
Sophie O.
My favourite area is definitely the kitchen, it’s just so satisfying to have a clean kitchen (although I’m bad at keeping up with it). My least favourite is cleaning the floor because I don’t have enough storage space in my tiny flat for a vacuum cleaner so I have to dust the floor which is annoying.
Irena U.
My favorite area to clean is living room, becouse I love to keep it tidy up. You never know when some unexpected guests can arrive 🙂 my last favorite area is bathroom, because whenever I clean it, someone else is taking so little time to mess up everything.