How do you keep you cleaning habit especially with little people in the house?

Charlie W.
I like to make it a game with the Kids I babysit for example one game I play is teachers and that they need to clean their classroom for the next day
Melissa J.
I include my little one in the cleaning habit, make it a fun one with games and challenges so she will enjoy it too. The result is even better, creating a hait for two.
Brylee G.
I keep up with my cleaning by saying to my self you can do this then I put on music and dance alittle because that can’t hurt and the start cleaning
Zwaila J.
Honestly sometimes it’s hard, when my newborn is fussy I can only get things done while she’s in deep sleep. I try to do as much as I can do with her up, keep her active and save cleaning for when she’s sleep.
Jade U.
make a contract with yourself, maybe help the people around u keep u accountable. Maybe write sitcky notes and put it on places where u need to clean