How often do you clean your living space?

Mae Y.
An average of once a week when I am during the college time. During vacation period it can be once every 10-15 days, since there will be less paper and notes hanging around.

Samuel E.
I try and clean the main areas once a week or once every other week. As far as my space each night I tidy up anything small in my bedroom before sleeping.

Marius X.
a little daily. I’m recovering from body/mind injury so I can’t clean it as much as I need or want to. A little everyday.

Justin Q.
I wash dishes every night. I pick up the living room before I go to bed every night. I usually clean my bedroom once a week. I clean up the mess I made in bathroom (ex: sink when I wash my face and teeth or pick up clothes and put away all personal items after i shower. ) every time I use it.