How do you make your cleaning and tidying as quick and efficient as possible?

Chloe W.
The simplest and most effective method is to set a timer. If I know that I am cleaning against the click o have more speed and energy level towards the task. Also if there is a timer I know for a fact that there is an end in sight. It is 20 minutes… When the timer goes off I can stop… It suddenly makes the task a lot less daunting and time consuming.
Eperke X.
I start from the right side of my bed and make my way around the room anti-clockwise. My bed represents a large portion of my room so I like to get that done first. As I move around u make piles for things that belong elsewhere in the house and when I have made the entire turn I return these to their respective rooms. I try to avoid starting any fixing or big level tidying only cleaning what is needed. I also keep some basic things like a few surface wipes so I don’t have to go collect those.
Yassmim Q.
I use timers a lot. So I think about one task I have to do, set a 5 or 10 minute timer and knock it out. For some reason the timer makes me work faster and stay focused. I also try to straighten up something whenever I leave a room.
Vladimiro Q.
in order to be as quick and efficient as possible I tend to organize things mentally and base it on the number of trips I have to take while reorganizing or tidying things up. If I know that I have things that need to go to the kitchen I focus on everything that needs to go there and then move by locations.
Kjut P.
By focusing first on one part of the room rather than jumping from one place to the other. Basically, to do it systematically
Arnold O.
I find tidying a good distraction from over thinking so I do it at times when I dont have anything else planned, just little bits every few days
Juc Lia F.
First look at everything you want to clean out REALLY look at the space so you know everything you need to clean out then attack it!
Almuth F.
First, pick up any rubbish and throw it out. Next, put everything back where it lives, all the dirty laundry in the basket and all the dishes in the sink. Pop a load of washing on, wash the dishes, wipe all your flat surfaces and sweep or vacuum the floor. Boom. Way cleaner house.
Mary U.
I’m not perfect at it but I kind of challenge myself to see how quickly I can do the task, knowing I can relax (or whatever) after. Listening to music or a podcast also helps make it more enjoyable. Another thing I do is try to multitask in certain ways. For instance, if a stain needs to soak I’ll put cleaner on it and come back to it while doing something else, or I’ll leave the load of whites or towels for the end of the night because they don’t need to be folded or can be folded much quicker than a load of pants and shirts.