When is the best time to clean my house? In the morning so it is done and over with or at the end of the day so EVERYTHING is cleaned from what I did the whole day?

Asta W.
Perhaps in the middle of the day, I mean, when your families are resting or have nothing to do in this space. You can start cleaning your house, and if they want to do anything else, such as consume the meal or prepare juice, we simply clean a little dirty.

Rachel T.
I do a 45min clean every night before bedtime. Lounge, dining Room and Kitchen has a Reset. Bathrooms are organised and cleaned for the Mornings. Laundry is washed at night, every 2nd day, ready to be hung in the Morning. If it Rains, all the heavy clothes are hung on clothes aiders and light clothes in the dryer. Bedrooms are done every Morning. Deep cleaning are Saturdays.