Do you think the idea that our outer world reflects our inner world is true? Meaning – does our outer mess reflect an inner mess that needs cleaning?

Gerdi R.
That's a really good question! I think it depends on the person and on the context! I know that for me personally, the more overwhelmed or unhappy I start to feel, the more my home falls into dissarray. My dishes pile up, my clothes are scattered around, and nothing seems to be stored in a logical place where I can find it. And in turn, the mess makes me feel even more overwhelmed and scattered! But if I feel like I am in a healthy place mentally, my home is often relatively clean and orderly (though of course, still lived-in).

Tani P.
Not particularly, I know that sometimes it is just beyond exhausting to try and push through the pain to do much more than care for my child and myself. Add taking care of every single thing in our home and everything else and I end up hurting myself.

Katapillar N.
It can and does show up that way but some people are very good at hiding the mess within by not letting it show up on the outside. You don’t always know what skeletons, trauma, or adversities are hiding in others closets.