Any other moms struggle to stay on top of the constant dishes and laundry? Any tips?

Guillaume S.
I start a load of laundry EVERY morning. No matter how small it is, one goes in. That allows me to switch the laundry from washer to dryer at lunch time and fold in the afternoon. You cannot get behind with this method. Just decide the little bit extra you spend to run small loads is WORTH the habit and forever small loads of folding and putting away! Dishes… same but reverse. At night, ALWAYS start a load. In the morning ALWAYS unload. Then add to it as the day goes… always starting it at night.
Rachel Y.
Yes all the time! For dishes I set myself a timer for the evening of 10 mins if I dont get it all done then I let it go as eventually I will catch up with it and I feel proud I've focused on something and tbh once you've started its normally more motivating to finish it. it's the getting starting which is the most difficult for me. For laundry I batch it on sunday meaning I do it all at once that way if I havent had time to do it in the week I always have my batching day 🙂