Is it better to clean one room a day or clean your entire house in one day?

Kitty Y.
I honestly prefer cleaning everyday a little bit. I try to see what's the priority now, after solved it I move on to tide another room. This way I feel less stressed out and tired. 🙂

Mikkel A.
One room in a day. Tocusing on one room is less stress and it's easier to pay attention to detail. If I'm cleaning the whole house it's easier to forget things like wiping down the counters or dusting.

Milan S.
i usually ‘clean’ my entire house once ( light dusting, folding laundry) and then going over the rooms one by one. i like focusing on what’s important without worrying that i am neglecting other rooms.

Marvin A.
I think this could go either way. I think one room at a time is less of a big commitment to take on and you would probably be more thorough. However, it is good to set aside a day to buckle down and clean everything.

Myrtle A.
One room a day is easier because that way it will feel easy for you and you can focus thoroughly on that single room instead of hurrying it getting tired.

Nina C.
While its probably more time efficient and manageable to clean one room a day, cleaning a whole house at once is extremely satisfying and feels rewarding.

Benjamin Z.
I think one room a day would be better if you’re someone who struggles with energy that way you don’t overwhelm yourself.