What is the best way to deal with a huge buildup of laundry?

Gilbert Z.
Deal with it few time a week. It is not difficult to press the button in the evening while relaxing or doing housework and hang things up before going to bed. Everything will be ready by morning. I usually wash small things (lingerie and socks) on Monday (sometimes by hand), bed linen on Wednesday, to be changed on Thursday. the usual things on a Friday after a work week. If i have clothes for washing after working in the garden during weekend (usually once every 2 weeks), I wash them on Monday in a separate program from small things.
Robyn N.
I hate to say it..by not letting it pile up!😝 Once it is a mountain you unfortunately have to devote most a day or more to get that pile done & dealt with but once it is, it’s easy to just do a smaller load ever other day to keep it caught up so it doesn’t take up more than a small amount of time. I went & got myself one of those hampers with dividers to pre-sort our laundry (I do towels, jeans, delicates & sock/undies..I don’t sort colors since I find the Oxyclean does the trick but I could sort them further, would only take a minute but we don’t get enough laundry to do a full load that way. 🤷‍♀️) Then every second day I do only 1 load from start to finish, just do it so it won’t gather. Which ever basket is fullest gets done, & if there’s none fully full since keeping up with it will get ahead once in a while..I just skip that one day & do a load the next due day. Keeps it from turning into a mountain that takes all day & takes me no more than 1-2 hours that I can do in between just about anything else while at home